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Allard Pierson Museum

Oude Turfmarkt 127
1012 GC Amsterdam
tel. +31 (0)20-5252556

The civilization of the Nile is revived in Amsterdam.Mummies and sarcophagi, images of gods and Egyptians, and objects of life and death all demand attention in the renovated and enlarged Egyptian rooms. Scale models of the pyramids of Giza and the temple of Edfu, along with a computer which prints the visitors name in hieroglyphics, are among the attractions which unlock the secrets of the land where Egyptian pharaohs, Greek kings and Roman emperors rules from 5000 B.C to 700 A.D. Early Christianity has left its traces in Coptic art.

Greek civilization began to emerge in 1000 B.C. Greek colonists brought their culture to Italy, features of which were adopted by the Etruscans in the north and then by the Romans. Graeco-Roman civilization spread throughout the Roman Empire and greatly influenced the later art and thinking of Europe. Statues and portraits in stone, small bronzes and glass, pottery, jewellery and household ware, decorated with scenes of everyday life and mythology, give an impression of life in the ancient world.