Coffeeshop De Dampkring
Handboogstraat 29
1012 xm Amsterdam
Tel. +31 (0)20-6380705
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Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday 11 a.m - 1 a.m.
Monday - Thursday 10 a.m - 1. a.m
Friday and Saturday 10 am - 2 a.m
Welcome to the homesite of cafe de Dampkring, winner of 5 prices in the 1996 High Times Cup. We are very proud that we are able to tell you that we where voted best coffeeshop of Amsterdam. Our american friends who came over for the 1996 High Times Cup gave us their vote, and we invite you and all the people who haven't visited our shop yet to taste the atmosphere we are famous for : the Amsterdam - atmosphere.

This means friendly and hospitable staff who will explain to you everything about our generous line of products. It also means being able to mix with locals, because we still are mainly a shop for Amsterdammers.

Because we want our customers to return to us, we specialize in good and consistent quality at low prices, and most important of all, we always try to satisfy the customers by reaching to their demands. We would also like to reach to your demands, so if you have any questions or propositions, don't hesitate to write to us !

Friendly greetings from the Dampkring-staff