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Fed up with lack of vision.

Sorry, I don't buy it. It's not about the rights of "some"
individuals. It's about the rights of ALL people. And "towel-heads"
is a BIT extreme? And is acceptable because it is said with "passion"?
I can only conclude that you feel that any "passionate"
person ranting about "niggers", "kikes",
or "spics" is also OK. After all, it was said with
"passion", right? Your racism is obvious, and sickening.
Racists have NEVER understood the Constitution, but simply twist
it to attempt to justify their fear-fed agenda. By the way, Abe
Lincoln was no "civil libertarian", and is not regarded
as such by those who have studied the historical record. Lincoln's
suspension of habeas corpus and his jailing of journalists, editors,
and other dissenters during the civil war was effectively unconstitutional.
This was a precursor to McCarthyism. But racists have never cared
much about that, either.

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