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Nederland TV Commercials: Clean Freaks

I guess quality of accomodations is a rather personal manner.
Clearly, one needs to be realistic and realize that rooms are
typically smaller than the average US hotel room. Still, there
is no reason to tolerate dirty or unsafe conditions.
I do have to agree that, done properly, a good trip to the
'Dam will involve little concious hotel time. With so much to
do and see, excess time spent at the hotel is truly a shame.
Get out and party! ;-)

Well, I have to admit I really enjoy watching Nederland commercials on the TV in my hotel room. I really get a kick out of them, even though I don't have a clue as what is being said.What strikes me is that all the commercials are all shown at one time... they generally do not interupt the program with commercials repeatedly as is the US custom.Have you noticed that a very large percentage of the commercials sell either cleaning products or personal hygene products? One wonders if the Dutch are culturally the cleanest people on the planet.Puritanical taboos are almost non existant it seems. One catches glimpses of bare bottoms, etc. in shower/personal hygene scenes. If those same adds were shown in the repressed US, imagine the firestorm of indignation the keepers of tribal taboos would scream at the immorality of humanoids sans clothing. Heresey! Stone them! Blasphemers!Once I was watching a regular TV show around 8 pm, fell asleep, and awoke after midnight to see the TV still on and showing extreme hard core sex movies,.... people having a very fun concentual time f*cking, licking and s*cking. Amazing.... no wonder the original Puritans got fed up with the Nederlanders in Leiden and moved on to infect the New World.Oftentimes I feel as if I am living in the wrong country.:-) Dogbreath
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