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Hey guys,
Booked for Amsterdam today for 3 nights taking in Queens
Day. Went last year and arrived on 1 May to be told of the scream
everyone had the previous night. Rodney Trotter springs to mind...plonker!
Its actually going to be my 3rd visit, so what are the main things
to do/look out for on Queens Day? Are certain places better than
others? Any good sites all about Queens Day?
You will probably laugh but i can't roll a spliff so I end
up either buying ready made ones or some grass for my rolling
machine. As a bit of a novice smoker what type do you recommend?
Last time I had a few types one which made me feel cabbaged and
all paranoid (and ill) which I wasn't keen on, the other I was
in fits of giggles at anything which I enjoyed. Not sure if it
was grass, pot or skunk. Any ideas? Do you also recommend that
I start learning to build up before I go or is the ready made
stuff just as good? Which coffeeshops are best? The Bulldog or
Grasshopper ones or obscure ones?
I will be staying in the Hotel Imperial in Rembrantplein
area which I went through last year which looks spot on, any
thoughts? Also I will be going with my girl friend who has also
started to smoke a bit of weed. Only thing is while I am off
my cake she says that she can't feel a thing (bit like the sex!)
so she is looking to get stoned.
Let you know how it goes....
novice dave

Buy yourself a small pack of rolling tobacco and a couple of packs of skins and just keep practicing rolling until it clicks. It took me some time before I could roll a dodgy looking spliff!Practice makes perfect.I'll be there for Queensday this year and can't wait.
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