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GW Bush's way of saying HI.

One of the small statements that eluded most during last
fall's panic over terrorism was something about the war on drugs.
Since the expense of increasing travel security is so high, the
Bush administration has directed immigration and customs to use
that money and workforce to help with the "war on drugs".

Those of us traveling to and from Amsterdam should be ready
to undergo increased scrutiny and I see by posts from Dogbreath
and RedHohoho that this has come true. Travel to and from Latin
America is going to be tougher too.
Since, like the other 2 posters, I don't smuggle I feel
OK. Let 'em search. For the sometimes posters on this message
board who have advocated bringing a taste home to the good old
USA...be warned.
If this situation bothers some of you, it's time to consider
getting politically active. Join a political party and express
your views. Talk with elected officials and candidates for office.
Write letters. Whatever it takes. This is the only way we might
some day approach the Dutch model.

This is not a situation brought on by George W. I'd rather feel safe travelling to and from the 'dam rather than have to worry about some a-hole waging a jihad on my airplane. God forbid there might come a day when flight security makes airfare costs prohibitive for Amsterdam trips. Granted Dogbreath (I've met him) could pass for Jerry Garcia's brother and he did use a nearby border entry point known to be used by terrorists.If the customs agents had been looking for drugs don't you think they would have busted open the coffee? I'd rather think they were looking for syntex or C4 or some other terrorist cocktail.
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