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Whats up board? Since ya'll have helped me so many times
before (and you probably will again because I'm sure I'll ask
a ton more questions before my A'dam trip on 05/21). I plan to
try Peyote at one of the smart shops while I visit. Now I have
at acid and shrooms probably at leat a hundred times for both
so I am a pretty expierienced tripper. But I am a peyote virgin.
Has anyone took it? How long does it last? How does it compare
to the Acid or Shrooms expierience? More of a body buzz or mind
buzz? Do you get any visuals? As always your replies are well

I grew up less than 75 miles from the peyote capital of the world (it's in central Mexico, but I'm not saying exactly where, for various reasons) and have used it many times. For those not used to it, peyote has a bitter taste that you will not soon forget. The first time you eat it you may find it hard if not impossible to swallow, and it commonly causes vomiting. After an hour or two, this effect usually passes. With repeated use nausea and vomiting do not occur, and the taste alone, when you begin to chew it, immediately starts causing a pleasant altered state of conciousness. A typical dose is between 6 and 12 "buttons", but the mescaline content of peyote can vary considerably, and the peyote in Amsterdam is NOT known for having a high mescaline content generally. Peyote has a LOT of different compounds in it, hence the bitter taste and nausea : more than 40 separate chemicals. If you are lucky enough to get some high-quality cactus and are able to get past the taste and consume enough to get the desired effect, expect a 6- to-12 hour trip that is GENERALLY easier on the body than acid. I myself experience an intense "thinking" high with some visuals, but would hazard to say that peyote is the most unpredictable of psychedelics: negative, uncomfortable experiences are not as uncommon as most people think. Oh, and be prepared to pay mucho Euros: peyote in the Dam is EXPENSIVE.
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