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Police State...Yeah Right

Perhaps if the U.S. had been more of a police state prior
to 9/11, then the tragedy would not have happened. In light of
9/11, I am personally glad that we have the team of Bush, Cheney,
Powell and Rumsfeld in place. I shudder to think where we would
be had treehugging, politically correct, dickless pacifist Al
Gore been elected. It would have been just like with Bill Clinton.
They bomb two of our embassies...we do nothing. They bomb the
USS Cole...we do nothing. They kill 18 of our soldiers in Mogadishu..we
do nothing...All of this under Clintons watch. Clinton couldn't
keep his pants on long enough to run this country. And as bad
as he was..Gore would have been worse. We have dozens of muslims
working where I do and I don't recall any of them being terrorized
or otherwise harassed.

Mike,Lets not forget the original bombing of the World Trade Center in February 1993. That too was under Clinton's watch and...yes..we did nothing. In fact, years of inaction by Clinton went a long way towards setting the table for 9/11. Instead of having the FBI diligently working on anti-terrorism efforts, he had them focused on politically correct endevours such as domestic racial profiling. Lately, the ultra liberal media is blasting Bush about what he knew before 9/11. To date, the most telling evidence that I have seen released to the public was a report given to the President by U.S. Intelligence which stated that "terrorists could likely hijack airliners and, with explosives in the cargo hold, crash them into U.S. buildings\landmarks". Now...does that sound familiar? When was this report provided? The answer is during the Clinton Administration and...yes...he did nothing.
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