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OT- childfree channellites

As far as having kids, personally I have never had the desire
to breed. Sex, of course. Breeding, nay. I am the proud parent
of a 15 year daughter, a real bitch, I might add. She is, of
course, my namesake (her nickname is Dogbreath) and yes, her
breath does indeed reek of canine halitosis. She knows I'm off
on a "big hunt" when she sees the suitcase being packed,
but she knows I will always return and rejoin the "pack".

And of course, there is always the possibility of having
sowed some "wild oats".
My wife has no problem with me traveling to Holland solo,
even up to 3 or 4 times a year. And I am never asked when I return
about having conducted any business with the "Professional
Women". She has a lot of common sense, in my opinion, and
is a good sport about it. (Unlike the X) The wife knows I enjoy
and admire the Dutch Way, and I think she is grateful I chose
weed as my drug of choice, acknowledging it could be much worse,
such as alchohol use. The wife has been to Amsterdam 3 times,
and has no desire to go there again, even though there is nothing
more she enjoys more than shopping. "I want to see the rest
of Europe ", she says. "What is there to see outside
of Holland?", I retort. "We've been to Germany and
Belgium, and they were both a disappointemnt after Holland".

At my age, where my friends plead poverty due to college
tuition bills, I really have no choice but to travel alone. One
good friend wants to go to amsterdam badly, but his Pizano wife
insists Europe means Italy, and no way are you going to Europe
without me, she states. And going solo has always been my style,
since long distance solo wilderness backpacking for weeks at
a time, always with faithful canine companion, offers a respite
from the humanoid insanity.
But now days, with the internet, and especially this web
site, it is so easy to meet others of similar Amsterdam interests,
and enjoy the many delights of the finest city in the world together.


I have been over five times and always with my wife. We have two kids, and sometimes they come with us - they are old enough to bring their girlfriends too. I suppose if I wanted to disappear into the RLD I would have to think there was something seriously wrong with my marriage. Coffeeshops are our main reason for going. If this upsets the locals ...well, if it was 'only' art and culture then there are plenty of other cities we would also visit. As it is, we are waiting for the coffeshops to open in Barcelona, Prague, Copenhagen, Moscow ...
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