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Its odd to me that the name Reagan elicits such a negative
visceral response from some. He was an extremely popular President
and probably achieved more true respect from foreign leaders
than any U.S. President in the last 55-60 years. I mean...the
goddamn Berlin Wall came down during his tenure and the Soviet
Union dissolved. Don't think that it was a coincidence that he
happened to be in charge. Our hostages in Iran after being held
for 455 days were released the meoment he was inaugerated into
office. Coincidence???? I doubt it! No...the goddamn persians
knew he wasn't going to play candy ass with them like Carter.

Of course, because he (with his lieutenenant senior Bush) had made a deal with the ayatollah. Reagan was a lying sack, except when he was sleeping on the job and letting Nancy's astrologists make decisions. Soviet Union collapsed from its own weight. Claiming that Reagan caused it is like saying that Dorothy caused the tornado. Reagan lived in a fantasy world and couldn't tell the difference between reality and Hollywood movies. After Ronnnie and "daddy" George were done, their county was in a huge financial hole with massive unemployment. He may have had more respect than junior Bush does, but that ain't sayin' much.
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