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New NL Coffeeshop Regs (Hans?)

These responses are a good example of exactly whar we are
talking about. This poster sure doesn't sound like any dutch
person I have ever met. Probably some other nationality trying
to be provocative, unfortunately succeding. I do not know what
the new regs are but I strongly suspect that they were included
in the Dutch right wing (which would be considered almost Berkeleyian
in this country, lol) rhetoric against current immigration policies.
In other words political promises, in still other words, smoke
and mirrors. I really doubt that on the heels of making coffeeshops
"legal" by regulating them a few years ago, much of
substance will ever be done. Hans, do you know the specifics
and what do you think the real result will be? Hans, don't worry
about posting anything that you think or feel, we, of the old
guard, and sensible newcomers will defend you while trying to
ignore the provocatuers that seem to have inflitrated this board!

Not easy to answer your questions... First of all I'm pretty sure haal_een_ziekenauto is Dutch because not many foreigners would think of such a Dutch sounding name. Of course he or she is entitled to think like this and I'm sure there are more Dutch people opposed to the big influx of drug related tourists in Amsterdam and other cities. It attracts not only decent people like you but also rather shady characters, like north African groups from France who flock together in Rotterdam and cause a lot of nuisance. And although personally I'm not against our liberal laws on drugs, it sometimes seems there are no locals left in Amsterdam due to all the tourists. As for politics, I think you are right about the smoke and mirrors, this is what made the LPF party of murdered Pim Fortuyn such a big winner. After eight years of rather dull, but also rather successful politics, people have voted for retoric instead of common sense. When life is going well for so many Dutch people and after solving many big social issues, people start to look at the things which can endanger our present lifestyle. Sometimes it's hard to understand, even for me, why many Dutch think life is hard and getting worse because it is simply not true. We never had it so well and even people from lower social standing are buying houses, own big cars and go on holiday three times a year. Still people are getting dissatisfied and the soon-to-be new government cleverly exploited that sentiment. I have never believed LPF-like retoric and looking back at previous governments I personally think major changes in our current policy will prove difficult to carry through but some changes will be possible, especially regarding our drugs policy. I think it will depend greatly on how our image as a progressive country will benefit from either keeping "progressive" laws or doing away with them. When many countries are considering introducing progressive laws years after we did, it might suddenly become more interesting for a trendsetter nation do revert to oldfashioned Dutch morality, who knows...
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