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Euro attitudes against U.S.

What I will never understand that criticism always has the
common thread of US arrogance or imposing its will . Then the
solution is usually along the lines of WE do it right, follow
our policies, you must be part of our World Court etc.....Canada
and the US? We would need to eliminate 220 Million people for
staters ....Everything is always along the lines of what America
has or does...there is is defintely an element of envy involved
in this criticism.....When its all said and done, America has
a net positive effect on the world and is not the root of all
evil.....I will agree that the US military spends a little too
much time and energy playing cop.......but some causes are worth
fighting for.
Gulf War- Saddamm needed to be stopped and his looting of
the copuntry was an atrocity, and everyone needs oil...Only criticze
this point if you have never or will never drive a vehicle.....

Somalia-someone needed to step in....
Bosnia- not sure what we accomplished there actually, but
the killing is relatively quiet...
Afghanistan-the sincere joy on people's faces on the ousting
of the Taliban was all I needed to see.....

In 1938 the British P.M. and French P.M. traveled to Munich because Hitler was promising them all kinds of non-aggressive behavior in response to Czechoslovakia specifically and presumably for Europe ultimately. They were so proud to return to their countries and wave the Munich Pact that Hitler signed with them. Within weeks, Hitler then moved to have thousands of Jews placed in concentration camps during Reichskristallnacht. Within 5 months, they took Czechoslovakia and the rush was on. Now Saddam thinks he can bluff his way out of the shit he's about to face to buy time and Europe is buying into him.Europe apparently has to be hit squarely in the head with a baseball bat to see trouble...even when its obvious.
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