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Nederlands Music

The Outsider's are Dutch? Same guys who did "Time Won't
Let Me" back in the sixties? If so, you learn something
new everyday. Zack

No, those Outsiders were from Ohio. Their singer, Sonny Geraci, went on to make that horrible 70's record "Precious And Few". The Dutch Outsiders were from the east side of Amsterdam. They put out tons of excellent singles and two great LPs before calling it quits in 1969. Their singer, Wally Tax, then formed a band called Tax Free, who recorded an LP at Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland studios, produced by John Cale of Velvet Underground fame. After Tax Free, Wally launched a solo career, scoring a major comeback hit in 1974 (in Holland) called "Miss Wonderful". They re-grouped, briefly, in 1997 and toured throughout the Netherlands. Incidentally, this reunion tour was the reason I first visited Amsterdam! The reunion didn't last long, as Wally quit the band (presumably for financial reasons, as he was the star, and he wanted more money than the rest of the guys). The band pressed on with a new singer, but they finally called it quits in the winter of 2000. Their LPs have been reissued by the Dutch label, Pseudonym, and are highly recommended (and fairly easy to find). Wally Tax has a new solo LP out called The Entertainer, and judging from the brief snippet I heard online, it's a rocker!For more info on The Outsiders, check out: http://home.iae.nl/users/vdmark/outsiders/outseng.htm Listen to Wally's new single, "Liar", here: http://angel.regioportals.nl/bd/muziek/wally.mp3
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