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Baseball Cap: Timeline Marker

To me, a person wearing a bseball cap, especially backwards,
is a sign of their growing-up timeline. In the same sense that
longish hair and tight Levi's jeans were markers of my era. Each
generation or subgeneration gets locked into style/fashions/elements
of their respective coming of age era. Just look at some very
old people who cling to the long ago styles of their era.
I recall 8 years or so ago driving by the local university
in the morning, and all the freshman walking from dorms to classes
ALL (males) had on baseball caps! Every single one... some backwards,
some forward. The high conformance levels are also an indicator
of the importance of peer pressure at that age. The styles lasted
a couple few years, and when the style among college students
faded, then you gradually saw little kids wearing them.
That is how I percieve folks wearing baseball caps. Unless
they are much older, then they are most likely common ordinary
baseball fans.
I do no agree wearing a baseball cap puts one at risk at
Central Station.... the comment alluded to risk of assualt or
theft. Not so.... Amsterdam is the safest city I have ever been
in. Other than watching out for pickpockets, there is little
to fear.
I feel the same way as you Hans when I see someone wearing
a baseball cap backwards. Sometimes I think, to myself, "Grow
:-) Dogbreath

I have to disagree with you on this one. Call me naive, but I think the reason why you see so many Americans wearing baseball caps is because many of us dreamed of playing in the major leagues. I like, some of the others only wear caps when I don't feel like brushing my hair, but the baseball cap I wear is a Mets cap, the team I dreamed of playing for as a Little Leaguer. I think the people who wear their caps backwards just want to look a little different (or be an umpire.)
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