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only a few, but one of the few.

Indeed I agree with the techniques of Patrick and Blueberry.
I myself am like a kid in candy store. Go into Siberie, 4 g's
Tiger=Gone. Carry 4 more with me to smoke later that evening.
Stop by De Kuil, inhale 4 baloons from the Vaporizer. Drop by
old style smoke my daily traditional joint there= 2 g's white
widow. Wife comes with me on trips, but she smokes less than
I. 2 weeks trip= 3 to 4 ounces, both times in '01 and'02... In
'95 and '81, those were 10 day journeys, I was younger, single
consumption 10 days= 4 ounces. I mean that is my main vice, don't
drink, occass. shroomer, but nothing else. But when it comes
to Ghanja and (Scuff)Grey mist crystal, I let it go. If you dont
smoke, don't walk behind me. I walked past the Zoo in '95, I
felt the sound of the animals knees buckle and hit the ground.
That was a big hooter though. I just love it. I am a kid in a
candy store, when I am there. I am missing it right now. Ahh,
de Dam...

I hear ya hamlet! You smoke just like me, a true pot-smoking buddy:) Maybe we can have the good fortune of meeting up in Amserdam someyear and smoke each other 'under' the table!hehehe I don't drink or do anything else, no pills, no shrooms, no tobacoo,ONLY marijuana.BlueBerry
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