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Exchange rate sucks!

Yeah, I actually remember getting 240 guilders to the $100.00
in june 2001. I do miss the guilder. Those were the days. It
was like a magic trick to exchange then. Now the rate is like
even, and to top it off, as other posters have mentioned, the
rates on Hotels (in General), Have risen. In fact everything
eased upwards after the begining of the Euro. Anyone else give
this a notice??? Can we bring back the NLG??? I know "NO"
is the answer, I just miss the Guilder(Guilden)....

ME, too. In Sept. 2001 it was $1=2.45 guilders! Everything seemed cheaper. With the introduction of the EURO, merchants have used it as an opportunity to raise prices -- even during global economic slowdown. Hotel bookings in Amsterdam and most of Europe are down, thanks in part to Americans (big spenders and generous tippers) staying away for economic and security concerns.
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