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Get over it

Sorry, but smoke a joint and get over it. It was a joke,
and since most of the Dutch make rude comments about North Americans
trying to rule the world, they can have a harmless joke played
back at them. Your typical Dutch person usually can take a joke.
I'm disappointed in you, as I am most of the "I want our
borders closed" Dutch. I never said we were the ONLY country..
that is plain ignorant, I never said we are the greatest, that
too is very ignorant, to imply I even felt that way makes you
ignorant. The Anti-North American sentiment most of the Dutch
have is abhorrent from a country that is supposed to be so "Tolerant"
of other people. I hate to burst your bubble, but not all people
on our side of the water drive SUV's, are patriotic, and really
feel that we need to be an imperialistic country.
-confuzn, thinking people are way too sensitive

Your contempt for the dutch people goes beyond reason. You come to this great country to enjoy the freedoms that you dont have in the usa and then bad mouth the people from the host country? What kinda shitty attitude is that?!? Cant imagine why some of the dutch have such an anti-amerikan feeling... "but it was only a *harmless* joke". I guess the harm only comes if the wounds are visibal huh? If you dont have something nice to say... There are very good reasons why the Nederlanders have such tight immigration policies but I'm sure you cant comprehend that. Enjoy your next trip to Holland. I'm sure you will hitting as many coffeeshops in one day as you can. Peace. RichPS: Neither myself nor Maja are Dutch. Assumptions....
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