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It is official. Dutch researchers say being fat is bad as smoking

Check this out LOL, taken from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 3/26/02Wage full-scale war on weightBy BRIAN C. BENNETTIt's official: Poor diet and lack of exercise cause more death than alcohol and drug use combined. Way more.Cigarette smoking is the only self-inflicted behavior that kills more people. The numbers are frightening: Alcohol kills about 150,000 per year, illegal drugs take out about 54,000, while obesity kills 300,000.Clearly, in the time-honored tradition of America, it's time to declare all-out war on fat people and the industries that support their habits.If you think the Constitution is a bar to jailing the obese, I can only tell you that the "it's my body" argument doesn't work for drug users, so it shouldn't be useful to the obese.If people can't put drugs in themselves, they shouldn't be allowed to put fat in themselves either, on the grounds that it costs society money and death. Fat people cost the country $177 billion annually in extra health care costs. Compared with that, drug users are mere poseurs, costing a measly $110 billion. Sounds like a no-brainer.The Fourth Amendment will offer no protection to the obese against unreasonable search and seizure as their doors are battered down by heavily armed representatives of the "Fat Enforcement Agency" who can be assured of the power to inflict no-knock pre-dawn raids on the homes of those suspected of having pounds of sugary treats hidden in their cupboards.A simple anonymous tip to the FEA ought to be enough to persuade a judge to issue a search warrant. Occasionally, of course, the wrong house may be raided and a bulimic or anorexic may be shot here and there, but that's the cost of doing business.The Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination will offer no solace to the obese as their very appearance is testimony enough to lock them securely away in labor camps (prisons) where their caloric intake can be monitored and they can be forced to exercise. Companies with drug screening programs can easily be persuaded to begin random cholesterol testing and pre-employment body mass index testing programs.Lest you think the Tenth Amendment, which reserves all power not specifically delegated to the federal government to the states and to the people offers some protection over what one chooses to do to oneself, may I remind you that we seem to ignore that one in our war on drugs, so we may certainly ignore it for the war on fat. If the right to be high isn't protected by the Tenth Amendment, surely there can be no logical argument posed that one has an inherent "right" to be dangerously fat.We will also need a Fat Intelligence Agency, an Office of Fat Control Policy and a program of Fat Abuse Education for schoolchildren to properly fight this new war. You're either with us or against us.
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