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Cultivation laws in Adam

Hello, I am interested in learing what the laws are on growing
in Adam. I heard that herb isnt legal just talorated. Wanted
to know if the laws are harsh. If they are harsh, anyone know
where to legaly grow? Please let me know! Thanks! JD
P.S. Best herb smoked: Ice princess

For weed and Hash, you will not be in any trouble. Where you can't smoke a cigg, you can't smoke a J. The law is very tolerant to weed. Technically you cant have more than 30 grams of weed at one time. The coffeeshops can't have more than 500 grams at a time. These are the basic guidelines in Holland. It is my understanding from the barkeep at the Rusland that his front door (being us tourists) are fine. The back door (supply), was not legal so, growing is in a sort of grey area. Hard drugs are prosucuted to the fullest extent of the law. They can shut down any business,(Hotel, store, C-Shop) for any of it's patrons in posession of Hard Drugs ie-Cocaine, herion etc. Go to the Prinsenhoff Hotel's web page it has a whole page of the dutch drug laws. It is good reading. Hope I have been of some help.
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