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E-mail address

I aplogize, I seemed to have missed out who is the moderator of this board? In the future I will direct these types of suggestions to him.

I was just wondering if we could start a "lounge" area, or a "off topic" section. That would weed out all the topics not pertaining to amsterdam and coffeeshops.

waddya think?
Bas is the forum administrator, you can direct your suggestions to him.

thank you berryblue(I always wanted to say that).

I just pm'd him.
Me and the missus are visiting Amsterdam in April and would like to try out a variety of weeds and hash in several of the coffeeshops we like the sound of. I have seen the menu for Barneys posted on Blueberrys homepage showing single spliffs for sale and was wondering if all the shops do this or just Barneys. Thanks in advance for any info S.
are available all over - though the choice is more limited. Happy tokin.
Alot of them do sell pre-rolled cone joints but most will be mixed with tabacco. Only a couple of places sells pure weed pre-rolled joints but sometimes you can ask the dealer (or perhaps someone nearby) to roll you a pure if you like. Or you can just grab some papers and filters at the bar and practice rolling your own!

handling the pot and hash is half the fun for me,i would never buy pre-rolls for that reason.if you can't roll i would suggest a cheap pipe from one of the many head shops,look around you shouldnt have to spend more than 5euro for a decent pipe.
We are a UK couple looking to meet with other couples same room fun .We will be in Amsterdam for the first 2 weeks in May
Hi there,

We are UK couple going to AMS 8-10 March, but might be back over in May.
We are M40 F33 interested in same room swapping, if interested, maybe you could get in touch with us at short_andcurly@yahoo.com


Sorry, should have typed short_andcurly@yahoo.co.uk

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