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Strongest hash in Amsterdam

Can anyone reccomend what is the strongest kinds of hash I can get. I will only be smoking hash. I dont really like weed.
-> Dutch Moonshine at Dampkring

-> ice-o-lator hashes at The Bushdocter (the Jelly Hash is highly recommended)

-> Haze Ice at The Noon

-> kif (trichomes)* -- this is basically hash, but unpressed; it's the psychoactive "crystals" from the cannabis plant -- available at Stix and Grey Area

these are "premium" hashes and expect to pay accordingly: as much as 25E/gr and up
IMHO only the "kief" was worth the money and it was 15E a gram at grey area. i suggest the regular hash or the various polloms (sp?) normally around 8-12E a gram.
I agree on the Dutch Moonshine @ Dampkring, I haven't tried the others suggested by Paniked, but I will be doing something about that in a couple weeks ;-). 1st stop is Dampkring (tradition) then off to Grey Area (hope they're open) then off to The Noon for the infamous Blueberry!!! And that is just day 1 :-)
I was lucky enough to have met Soma my last visit.
Since then I understand he has introduced something called "Jelly Hash".
I'm anxiously waiting to check this out.
From all accounts it is outrageous.
Ok gotta be sincere, didn't like so much the dutch moonshine, but didn't liked at ALL the grey mist crystals; They didn't get me stoned and tasted like weed (not hashy or oily). This is an example that shows how something that one loved isn't as good for someone else; I remember that real kiff has more chopped flowers and is not just powder. All the written hashes are dutch, the problem with dutch hash is taste in my eyes. The potency is weed like, up to 50% THC but less CBN give the cerebral sativa weed high that I wouldn't expect from an hash. I'd be curious to know where you found fresh and potent imported stuff (blonde or black), a really hard trick.
50% THC???? you mean the hash??

I just know that I have never seen any weed with THAT much of a percentage before........28% is the most I have seen and that was the Neville's Haze at the GreenHouse.

just curious,

Yeah, I was told so...I read it on a weed dutch mag, with a local for language help (Pasquale at Ba's). It's curious the same mag rated Neville's haze as the most potent (19% on that mag) and second and third Kc36 and Kc33 from Kc Brains, a seed company that made disappointed many growers on some grow boards here on the net...I think Katsu sells something from Kc brains (go for any TH seeds product involving S.A.G.E.)
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