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Greetings Everyone...A very impressive collaboration going on here indeed!. I will be in A-Dam from March 28th to March 31st with my 3 closest friends. We are all veterans of Partyland with its many chemical nuances, but nuggery has always reigned supreme. As I am new, I wish to give a little backround. I have been to A-DAm once before in 1997, but it was a brief two night stay, and overwhelming mood of the trip was chaotic at best. That is I had no information going in, and basically hit the first coffeeshop I could find, (it had a Jamaican flag outside), ordered the strongest hash available, smoked it in a kind of 9 hit flurry, and proceeded to wander aimlessly for a few hours seeking refuge in a city that seemed to have no hotel space available. However, this time is different. I've done the research, I know the spots I want to hit, and I am extremely pumped. MY crew has the philosophy that we would rather spend a few prime days on our trips than a longer more budgeted vacation. So we enjoy a two hour smoke fest at the coffeeshops before having a 5 star meal. We all just love being blasted in ultra fine establishments. Anyway, I made reservations for us at the following three spots, and would love your take on them.

Tempoe Doeloe (For the Indonesian Experience)

V'Jiff Vliegen (For the Dutch Thing)

The Supper Club (For the Wild A-Dam Thing)

I have also heard good things about the some cafes like Gollem and Cafe Luxembourg. Are these places worth it, if you are feeling somewhat free with your spending? Thanks for reading my post, and I hope everyone's futre journeys are filled with good cheer, good love, and good nugs. Peace.
Good choices.

If you smoke, bring your gear along to the Supper Club. As you may know it takes several hours for supper. People tend to pass the time by smoking between courses and after while it settles.
i suggest checking the channels knowledge base for anything that comes to mind...the link is at the top of the page; it's chock full o' good stuff.

i know you'll have a blast!
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