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Club Paradise

I would like to hear from others who have visited Club Paradise, exactly what happens from entry to departure? My husband and I are not swingers, but are interested in watching and being watched. I am a bit apprehensive and would like to know what to expect before going. This will be our first time to a swingers' club, so details, details, please. We are considering a Saturday night visit. Thanks so much.
If you go to www.ignatzmice.com and search paradise couples in the archive search at the top left you'll get some good first hand reviews.
You could also ask your question on the very active message board.

To me Paradise Club is like an upscale health club with people having sex everywhere. There's a bar/disco/small dance floor, lots of couches in another room including this large circular couch, private lockable and semi private lockable rooms, and very public bedrooms, as well as a dry and wet sauna and a medium size swimming pool. Upstairs there's even a small outdoor hidden from the street patio.

Their previously very cool with good photos web page at www.club-paradise.nl is gebroken.
Just wondered when you're going to Amsterdam?

James and Jan
Arrive March 26th and Depart April 3rd. This might be our first experience at a club like Club Paradise and as you can probably imagine, we have first time jitters :-)

We're there between th 4th and 9th April. Our first time too. Post a message to let us know how it went?

good club.

I went last year as a single guy and will be going again this year. (april 3rd,4th and 6th)

it does have private rooms as well as mass voyeur rooms.

it is a variety of people af differing ages and builds

it is not too pushy.

just enjoy yourself
For a Saturday couples night, what do most women and men wear? Should I just strip down to my favorite sexy undies or put on something very revealing and sexy? Are guests given locked lockers? We are probably older than most who will go (early 50's), but we have terrific bodies, hard and firm and are very youthful in appearance. Will be be out of place? Thanks.
I have not been on a Saturday,but on other days either seems appropriate (sexy Lingerie Please,lol) yes there are Lockers, showers and Hair dryers, towels etc..
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