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Great idea!

You may have started something here Swissout! Most of the people on this board are pretty "compatable". I have heard of house exchanges but your idea is even simpler. I, personally love having visitors. Hmmmm this requires some further thought. How do you think we could get the word out to other cloggies that might like to travel to the states (and elsewhere)?
Hi evrybody

I'm a 33 year male living in Amsterdam with an acces room (quite basic) in my appartment. You can stay here with two people, no charge under the condition that You 'll have some place for me to stay whenever I visit the states.

See you
Hi, I'll be visiting Amsterdam in early May and was wondering if this offer is extended to Canadians. I live in Calgary Alberta which has an international airport with direct flights to and from Amsterdam. Located right along the Rocky Mountains. I have a house with room to put you up. Let me know if you're interested. Spreek u Nederlands?

Sure it is extendd to canadians. Ja ik spreek nederlands, I'm even a native. I posted this message again but time I sucsribed so you can leave your mailadress in a private message.
Great to hear that Canadians are welcome too. Ill be returning to A'dam May 8 for a few days. Will you be around town at this time? Is the offer open then? I would like very much to live amongst locals as I'm trying to learn to speak Nederlands. And to hear how they view their lives in the city. I'm quite knowledgable of A'dam and its history, so I'm sure it would be very interesting talking more with someone such as yourself. Dan
Sorry dan but I'll be in Scotand from 8 till 11 may. You coud stay either before or after this period. Let me know wether this is possible for you.

Hi swissout. Going away at that time are you? That is fine, and it must be nice to just ZIP over there for the weekend. I'll be heading down to France and will be returning to A'dam Jume 2nd for a few more days. I was just going to stay at the Hostel for those nights, but it would be excellent to be able to stay even for one of those nights at your place. Get a chance to see how this system you're proposing will work. And to meet eachother. Let me know if this is possible. Dan
Any time apart from 8-11 may shoud be fine as I can see it now Dan. Yes I am happy just to zip over to Edinbourg for a long weekend. It will be a first timer for me. It seems you are gonna spend quite some time over sea yourself. It would be interesting too meet you. You will defenitly be the first canadian I have ever met who learns dutch. If you leave your email adress on my private message box I will mail you my tel number so you can call or mail me for contact.
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