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Van Gogh prints


They show a lot of prints that I have not seen listed on other art print sites.
After searching several sites, I have only found this one and an ebay seller with prints of the "Potato Eaters". It is going to go beside a print of Our Gang eating jelly sandwiches, and a print of Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" hanging inext to my dining room table.

This is my favorite Van Gogh painting:


It reminds me of sitting on the Cycletour boat at night in Oudeschild Harbor on Texel Island.
I made a stop at the Van Gogh museum during a trip in "77". I did buy a print at that time in the museum store. I don't recall what I paid at the time and I lost or misplaced the print a long time ago.
Curious about something though. What separates a "quality" print from a mediocre one? What is a fair price to pay for art prints? What factors go into the pricing of prints.....the work itself, the artist and his or her popularity at this present time?
Are some prints just poor quality? How do you differenciate when you look to purchase one?

Thanks for the link Tom - I now have a starry background on my PC. I took a while to get into van Gogh - my first reaction to the real things at the Rijks did not happen like it is supposed to - I think I laughed, (tut!) at those crazy wild huge brush-strokes. It was only after looking through the earlier work -like potato eaters - that the later stuff made sense. But then again, perhaps it was the weed. There was a Picasso there, of a garden gate I think, that looked more real than than the reality I was in at the time. That was definitely the weed.

Prints, Cat, vary in quality like everything else that is for sale. Some are more like the real thing than others. Some are limited edition. High street prints are highly variable, and most use poor paper, poor colour reproduction, and can be the wrong shape (and usually size). Rijksmuseum prints are good value for money, IMHO.
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