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Tranquil settings can be found by walking through the extensive dune areas (the Kennemer Duinen and Amsterdamse Waterleiding Duinen)around the town. These protected areas of rolling sand dunes and vegetation play have been given the status of nature reserves. You can have an active fresh air experience here, strolling along the paths through the woods on the eastern side and across the dunes leading west toward the ocean. You'll find quite a variety of flora in this relatively small area, and the beach is never far away.

Also, there is beachy type shopping in town and a wide range of eating and drinking establishments.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your help guys

Do all these places have dunes?
I recommend Zandvoort, is has a very nice beach. There's some info about it on my Zandvoort page, if you are interested here is the link:

Try Huisduinen, Callantsoog or Texel all are in Noord. Stay out of the surf though if you're too torn up. Enjoy.
Three friends and myself are heading over to Ams for a long weekend on the 16th May. Rather than wander from coffeeshop to coffeeshop (as we have done for the past 11 years) we are looking to get out of AMS on the saturday (or sunday depending on the weather), take a box of hawaiian shrooms, take the train and head out to some of the beaches and dunes in the area.

Bearing in mind the sort of mental state we will be in, anyone recommend anywhere to head for?

Ok, no prob DB. The site should be up within the next few days.
That will be a problem for me.

Nay... do not publish any photos conatining my identifyable image, as I mentioned when we were in De Kuil. Where I live is not the land of the free. And am concerned about the consequences from photos if identity is known.

You can send them you me if you wish and I'd be happy to check them out first.

Hey, I am ok with pictures...


Thanks for asking
i also have a few,my flash wasn't working at the time so.let me know where they are at.
I'm about to put our trip pictures online. I need to know if people object to their pics being up.

So if you are in that list, and you do, please say nay. If you don't, say yay!

YAY! Feel free to make me an internet celebrity. Post 'em!

I am looking forward to checking the site out.
i sent this once, i do not mind.send me a copy of them. i also have a couple i took one night.
If there are group images with dogbreath in them, you can always stick up a photoshopped version with his identity obscured.

Just a thought.
Sorry the website is taking so long.....with tons of work sidetracking me, its kinda hard to get it done. I will do my best to have it finished by this weekends end.
Confuzn..... you always send the photos to my private e mail address, which you have, and I'd be happy to edit for identity purposes......
the get 'em back to you........

:-) Dogbreath
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