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Black sea ??

I `m going to `Dam in beginning of June, is there anyone who knows where I can score some "black sea! ? I`ve heard that the shit is really good...
Zandvoort probably, LOL
What`s in Zandvoord ?? Is there anything special about that area? Never been in `dam before so I`m trying to update... :)
Zandvoord is a beach town in Holland. I think you're talking about a strain called "black sea" so hopefully someone could help you there
from my hazey recollection of geography, the black sea is nowhere near zandvoort...this was a (subtle yet humorous) reference to pollution in the channel or north sea (I think, or I could be wrong). If you've never been to amsterdam, you'll most likely find many many strains to catch your interest even if you don't find this elusive "black sea". good luck with your quest...
I went to Varna, Eastern Bulgaria to watch the eclipse in 2000. There was loads of Black Sea there.

BLACK SEA is suposed to be a really good skunk. Some friends of mine was in `dam for about 2 years ago, and they recomanded me to find "black sea" skunk.
They talked something about "BLACK STAR COFFESHOP" to...
Anyone who knows..??
I remember seeing a coffeeshop displaying a yellow and green flag with a big BLACK STAR in the middle. I can't think of the name right now, but I'll try to figure it out. Does anybody know where I mean? Maybe this is the shop you are seeking...
Black Star coffeshop, or African Black Star as it is someitmes called, is located at Rozengracht 1a. Peace. Puffin13
THX Puffin !!
I think that was the right place! Going to `dam for my first time in June, and thats one of the shops i`m going to... Thx everybody!
This forum is xelent!
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