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Updated: Amsterdam Music Video

Greetings all,

For those who are interested:

I just cut a new (updated) version of the Amsterdam Silence video. There were certain elements of the first release that just didn?t seem to work for me. After sitting on it for a couple of weeks, I finally went back through all the original footage, replaced some scenes, and now I can officially close this project. This is it!

The new (updated) version has a new (updated) introduction and the original scenes that ?didn?t quite fit?, have been replaced by ones that do. So, if you are interested in the ?final version? please feel free to grab it from my website. If you saw the first attempt, I hope you like the changes.

The URL is: http://www.xs4all.nl/~scottk/Amsterdam/

The file is: Amsterdam Silence.wmv

?Experience Mecca?


We truly are not worthy.

Thanks, man.
Thank you for sharing it with us. Very well done!

What can I say? Amazing, truly amazing!

Thanks for sharing with us!

Thanks all,

It was my pleasure. Really glad you like it :)


Tasty my friend....

Can I make just a tiny suggestion? I'm not one to compromise an artists view but I have always thought (since I first saw the vid) that the clip of the Dam looking up with the clouds .. that would be a beautiful ending, I thought it was the end when I first watched it. Just a suggestion, don't know if you'd like it or not but I know it would make a great ending. Regardless I love the video and especially love the dam scene, it's amazing. Great work, and I love that song, had to download it after I saw the vid. Great job man! Peace
Good suggestion Ganjax.

That was the hardest part of the video, deciding where to put the Dam Monument shot. For me, it is the best scene in the video and I got it quite by accident (luck). The sky was perfectly clear except for the little patch of clouds which floated into center when the camera got to the top. The end would have been a good place to put it, but I finally decided to use it to make the transition when the music slows down and Sarah goes into her ?angelic? vocals. It could have gone either way.

I totally agree with you on the music, it is awesome. There are about 10 mixes of it out there on Kazaa, etc. but this one (Club Mix) was exactly what I was looking for. I actually chose the music months before I shot any video. In the process I have probably heard it about one million times, but I still like it. Total energy!


nice video vermeer,

great shots of the city
Grrrrrr....my Windows Media Player won't play it!!!

Did you download it first? I had the same problem. Once I downloaded it it worked fine.

As for the creation of that video.............WOW! Excellent Job and the music rocks! Thanx for the experience as well! It made me feel as if I were right there in Adam!
Thanks @merican@ngel,

Glad you liked it. Been thinking about vid #2, but just can't quite put my finger on the theme, music, vibe, etc. I am sure it will come together when I least expect it. Influenced by Orange Bud in some way I am sure.


I must be too stupid beacuse I can't for the life of me figure this thing out......

But I will trust everyones judgement and say, Great Job!
The full version on CD is great Vermeer....thanks a bunch.

Guster just came out with a song called "Amsterdam," maybe that would be a good tune to go with it. The song didn't do much for me though but I could be biased because I think Guster blows big donkey dicks.
Thanks for sharing this vid, you did an awesome job. It was nice to se all of my favorite places and scenes. Really liked the montage of the House Stones or whatever th e things that they used to ID each house before Napoleon made everyone use house numbers. It's also nice to see that my wife is not the only person on the planet who will defy tram tracks to get the perfect shot (the clip with the blue and white tram coming right at the camera).
I finally got it to download and all I can say is...WOW! It took a long time and we have DSL. Great shots, lots of memories flooding back. I'm looking forward "vid #2". Maybe some shrooms with that orange bud would provide the necessary inspiration.

Once again, thanks all.

Really glad the vid hit's home with you all. BB, funny you mention the death defying tram shot, for some reason it did not make the first cut. I seriously almost got my ass kicked on that one. No zoom, so the tram was really closer than it looks. The driver and all the cars stopped on the left must have though I was some total nuthead, but in the end it turned out to be a good clip.

BTW, the house stones came from the Begijnhof near Spui.


at last i got it today...outstanding!

what a fun tour, you hit so many signature scenes, things that when i saw them i wanted to point at the screen & shout "that's it! it looks just like that all over! that's a typical *insert object here*!"

thanks for sharing.
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