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Commie trip report day1

This trip report isn?t going to be terribly acurate time-wise. The whole trip was a bit of a blur, so the times are kinda iffy. The events I have smooshed into 3 days really took about 4. But the general opinions are accurate enough.

We landed at Shiphol at about 11:00. Although we knew that the train into CS was cheap, we were in no mood to mess around after a long flight, so we split cab fare and went straight to the Rokin, right off Dam Square. We didn?t get charming rooms in the annex off the canal. We got rooms in the shitty main building off the Dam. But it was reasonably cheap.

The first place we went was Abraxis, where we met up with some friends. We were all jonesing after the million hour flight, so I bought a bag of juicy fruit, a friend bought some Nepali hash, and we settled down upstairs for an hour of storytelling and smoking. The juicy fruit was sweet and somewhat pungent. It wasn?t the best they had there, but it was good enough to get the whole party nice and twisted. Frankly I expected a more fruity taste, but the crystals were sweet and the bud was easily as good as 60 dollar an-eighth kind-bud one can get in California. I really like the interior of Abraxis. There are plenty of places to sit, and you meet neat people.

We then made our way to the Grey Area. Three of us each got a bag: one each of the Double Bubble, Blueberry, and Yellow cab. The best tasting was the bloobs, but the DB was a little stronger (although that wasn?t scientific in any way), and I really liked the yellow crystals dusting the YC. All three of them were knock-out powerful and yummy all the way round. If I could reliably score weed like this at home I?d be a truly happy dude. Unlike the skeptics and overgrow naysayers, I find that most shops have perfectly tasty and potent green bud?but the Grey Area is something special. Of course, there was no place to sit. Hell, I?ve NEVER been able to hang out there. So we took off for Rusland.

I freaking love Rusland. Is it the commie theme? The cool lighting? The friendly vibe and central, yet uncrowded location? All of the above? I dunno. Suffice it to say that we made Rusland our home base shop for the rest of the trip. We spent a lot of time chilling downstairs with their case of amazing glassware. We ended up trying a lot of stuff from that shop. We also got one of their killer Sweetleaf Grinders. Their ?Desert Bud? ?AK47? and ?Santa Maria? were all perfectly serviceable kind-buds. They were a little dry. But they were CHEAP compared to most places. We also ended up trying their top 3 hashes (1.3 grams for 12 euro): Manali Cream, Super Polm, and Nepalese Black. Rusland has 8 different kinds of hash. All three of their most expensive brands were tasty, and they all got me wasted enough. I?m not very good at judging hash, because it all gets me pretty hammered and it all tastes pretty yummy and seems to last forever. Rusland also had what I consider to be the best dope deal I?ve ever seen: 4.4 grams of Afgani Border hash for 12 Euro! One of my buddies accidentally bought some thinking that the biggest gram count meant the most expensive hash. It took him a while to figure out the truth?mostly because at Rusland the 3 dollar hash is PERFECTLY GOOD HASH. If my dealer had the same hash for 20 bucks a gram back home, I?d cheerfully buy some and never feel ripped off. If I was a starving student backpacking through Amsterdam, I?d stretch that out for 4 days. Hanging out at Rusland is pretty cheap too. They have great milkshakes and killer toasties for 2 euro each. If cost is an issue, you can both smoke and hang out at Rusland for WAY less than the average tourist shop. The only disappointment we had was when one friend bought their ?Purple Bud.? It was raspy and nasty. I?ve found that to be true elsewhere as well. Steer clear of the purple bud.

That day we also hit the Rokerij by the Muntplein. We fucked up and tried the Hash Plant weed, which was shwag at best. Oh, they had several types of good weed, but we had to go and get the Hash Plant. My bad. I don?t like that Rokerij as much as the one on the leidseplein anyway. You have to go down that long creepy staircase, and the inside is unremarkable.

We also went to the Bluebird. There we bought some AK47 and something else really good I can?t remember. The AK at the BBird was nice?better than the same at Rusland, but not quite as good as stuff from the Grey Area. They had more types of top-notch buds than most places. They get an A for menu?variety is a big plus. I like the interior of the BBird. The couch and the ledge with the view are both pretty cool. My only problem was the music. They made us listen to an entire Boston album with the volume turned to eleven. Now, I don?t mean to harsh on anyone?s musical taste, but IMHO this should get the shop-keep dragged to The Hague to face arraignment for war crimes. We couldn?t hang after an hour and split. It was more than a feeling.
Welcome back commie!!! Glad to hear you liked Rusland. That was my home base while in a'dam in march. Santa Maria kicked butt. Did you get a chance to try rusland's vaporizer? It's a volcano type like dekuli. I have to agree that the prices at rusland are resonable. Between there and Siberie I felt very satisfied. Gonna checkout Grey Area, Dampkrieg and Bluebird next time I'm there in Nov. How did you smoke your hash? What did you use and how did you prepare it? Appreciate you comments and great trip report! You probable could have used another weeks vacation there in a'dam :-) till the next - running wild
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