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Visiting June 8-10

Going to Amsterdam for the umpteenth time, though this time Solo.

Anybody fancy meeting up for a smoke and a session of putting the world to rights?

Very Straight English Guy, staying near the Oudekerk.

3 norwegians is up for it. Age around 25, likes to party. And yeah, straight.
Ill be in the Dam june 5 - june 11 for my second trip. Up for meeting in a coffee shop that weekend.
What does 'very straight' mean?

Methinks the lady, etc...

...protesteth too much!

No, its exactly as it says on the tin, so no misunderstandings.
Fairy Nuff.

It's usually best to be sure in the Dam.

How's that for a meeting time and place everyone that's going to in Amsterdam at that time. I have a pic at www.newstopic.net. Look under the staff. I'm the only Dave in the newsroom. Last time, I attempted to meet people there no one introduced themselves and it was a real waste of effort on my part. Let's do this!

Very, very heterosexual guy from North Carolina, US freaking A
It says you are a police reporter. Is that the same as snitch?
"These arrests are the direct result of other Law Enforcement Agencies joining together and pooling their resources and man power in an effort to attack street level drug dealers," Duckworth said of the undercover buying operation. "This is only one tactic police use against drug dealers through out the area."



'Dave Cruz', then.
Dear Paranoid Posters:

It's a job. I don't tell the police what's going on. They tell me. I don't like writing about drug arrests. But gosh darn it, there aren't enough people killing each other around here for me to have a murder to write about everyday unfortunately.

Every once in a while, I get to do something good like alerting the public about evil people committing real crimes in their neighborhoods like burglary, rape and child molestation. Sometimes I even get to write uplifting stories about good people who benefit their communities.

But dammit, on some days all I have to make a contribrution to our little newspaper are stories about drug arrests. Those days suck. But it's a job that feeds my little family and, for the most part, it's better than a lot of jobs I've held.
However, I can see your point. As a person who strongly believes that the police should be doing more useful things than participating in our nation's losing war on drugs, I sometimes forget that people can mistake reporting for active participation.
Hey Dave, If the police in your community have nothing better to do on most days than to bust people smoking and/or possessing pot, why not write an article on how the police department/justice(lol) system is overstaffed while (I am willing to bet) your school system is understaffed?
Wouldn't that make Dave a social commentator not a police reporter?

Seriously though I'm sure most of us have had a job that at some time that sucked but paid the bills and scored the weed.

If Dave is really there to gather info for some top secret Police drug sting thingy then he 'll be wasting his time as I'm sure we'll be off our tits by the time the serious questions come round!

See you there.
Wouldn't that make Dave a social commentator not a police reporter?

Eggzactly! A new career path!
Who cares what you do in the states...your in amsterdam....and so am I... Id actually love to sit down with an american cop...no even better a state trooper...in the grey area coffeeshop and roll a killer grey mist cystal laden fattie and get wasted....so a reporter is no prob....
Anyways Im goin to be in amsterdam on friday and then working on saturday(tax write off) then back to amsterdam, a day in alkmaar and or leeuwarden, then Im backpacking up north to tershelling for a few days of camping.
Would like to try some shrooms, so if your up to it cbs let me know and we can trip together.
Its my second trip to holland and I want to see more of it then downtoon amsterdam.
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