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Amsterdam Rave Scene

I have been to PC 2 times on a Thursday and once each on a Friday and Saturday. On all nights they have bought hookers in (I hope they were anyway for their sake!). Thursdays they advertise the gangbang night only. HTH.
Oncebitten, how many times have you been to the Paradise that was not on a Thursday, when they bring the hookers in?
Hi, coming to Ams in Nov and me and my girlfriend are thinking of frequenting the above club and possibly swinging for the first time. I was hoping somebody could give us some details about the club. Does everyone there use condoms and practice safe sex. Is it easy to meet other couples there? I understand it is couples only on Saturdays. Any information you can give me would be appreaciated. We are also hoping to see a live sex show, but can't remember the name of the best place to go for this. Again, thanks for the help.
Take some advice from me. Give the Paradise Club a big miss. I went there on a Thursday night in April as a prelude to taking my wife there the following week. I'm glad I did as she would have hated it.
The joint is full of 40 - 60 year old, past their prime (I fall into that category), pot bellied, bald headed (I fall into that category too) losers who like some voyeur action. They have paid 50 Euro for that honour.
When I was there there was about 4 hookers, as ugly as you could imagine servicing the 40 - 50 men there. Although not all of the men participated, the majority did.
There was one legitimate couple there who were annoyed constantly by men there whenever they went into one of the other rooms. Trust me this place isn't for the faint hearted.
If you was some proper swinging action go to one of the places a little outside of Amsterdam where only couples are allowed in and the entry fee is a little higher. Money well spent I can assure you.
Good luck.
hey, that was some interesting imput, OnceBitten! thank you! (i'm not hte poster of the question though)

I wonder what was most people's attitude about using condoms?
I'm a single girl who wants to give one of those clubs a try (big fantasy of mine)
I'll be in AMS June 26/29 and was planning on having my first experience @ Paradise Club but i dont want to catch a disease or anything like that
Yes condoms are always used from what I could see. Just as well as evidenced by the crowd. There were some shockers there.
Unless you are really a hard core voyeur, give this joint a miss. Save 50Euro and have a wank! :-)
And another thing, if you really are a single girl there are many more places I would recommend before the Paradise Club. As I said in my original response, go to one of the clubs outside Amsterdam. Much better crowd, more real swinger action as opposed to hookers and better atmosphere for a woman. But make sure you do go, because you will have fun. Just give the PC a miss.
hey, that was some interesting imput, OnceBitten! thank you! (i'm not hte poster of the question though)

I wonder what was most people's attitude about using condoms?
I'm a single girl who wants to give one of those clubs a try (big fantasy of mine)
I'll be in AMS June 26/29 and was planning on having my first experience @ Paradise Club but i dont want to catch a disease or anything like that
Dear Guest

If you are a single girl maybe we can go together as a couple on Saturday when they only accept couples and therefore enjoy some better atmosphere. metodistul@biker.ro
thank you very much OnceBitten. I really am a single girl and the idea of having the voyeur and 'let-strange-people-touch-me-suck-me-lick-me-finger-me' fantasy has been growing strong in me.
could you please recommend some of those blus outside ams? keep in mind i'll be on my own and the idea of traveling by myself to the outskirts of the city might not be a good idea at night, right? (ok, it doesnt make any sense that i'm willing to have sex with strangers but not walk in a strange city at night, all alone .. right?)
(Ms/Mrs/Miss) Guest - The one I would recommend is Fata Morgana. The website is at http://www.fata-morgana.nl/ It is a pretty good website that tells you all you need to know.
The best way to get there for a foreigner is by taxi and it will cost you about 20 - 30 Euro's from memory. The trip takes between 20 - 30 minutes depending where you are staying in Amsterdam. Being single it would be best to pick up the cab from your hotel or if you are not staying at a hotel either ring up a cab or walk to a hotel and get them to get you a cab. Amsterdam taxi drivers are a hit and miss affair. Do yourself a favour, and I am not a racist, but if the driver who comes to pick you up is of African origin, tell him to move on and get another taxi. Enough said about that.
Being a single woman I think you get in free, or if there is a charge it is very small. Don't get there before 10.00 at night as you will be bored. If you are going for the Sunday session, get there at about 6ish.
This place is well run, gets a good youngish crowd, no bullshit is tolerated by the management from anyone. You will feel safe and you will feel free to do as much as you feel comfortable doing. Have fun and fuck yourself stupid. You will need to bring your own sexy outfit as the stuff they have there for sale is expensive.
If I may be so bold as to offer some advice. DON'T make arrangements to go with anyone you know or feel you know from this site or anywhere else on the internet. It is a receipe for disaster - trust me I have heard of situations that would make you cringe!
Go by yourself, do what you feel is comfortable and all will turn out fine.
When it is time to go the management will order you a cab if you wish, which can take up to 30 minutes to get there to pick you up.
Have a look at the website. It is full of info but it doesn't really get across what the action is like. I hope I have adequately explained it to you.
If you want further info feel free to leave your e-mail address and I will see if I can fill in the gaps for you.
Once Bitten and Guest

Fata Morgana would only accept couples not singles, unfortunately.
While I have never been to the Paradise club (although it is somewhere on my to do list) I assume that Thursday gang bang night is a lot different from the other nights of the week.

You may want to go to www.ignatmice.com and read the reports from Greta who recently visited. There have been a number of very positive reports there from different folks who have attended.

Yes it is true, Doc has going to the Paradise club as number 57 on his to do list. Although he has skydiving into Dam Square as number 56. Since he is scared of hights I am not sure he will get to either.

Poor boy. At least he can dream.

Is this true mamma?
I heard of a club called FUN4TWO it was on HBO real sex. It's in Rotthamdam , what have you heard about this swing club. It seems simliar Fata Morgana. There is a website FUN4TWO.COM
any comments about this club. Me and my wife will be traveling there in late July, this will be her first time.
metode - What you posted is not true. Fata Morgana does accept single woman. It DOES NOT accept single men.
Once bitten

I have never been there. I took that from their site were they say the club would only accept couples.
It seems that as a single male it's really difficult to be accepted in these kind of clubs. too bad !
metode - Yes it is hard to get into the legitimate establishments if your are a single male. The only ones I know of are Club Paradise and a place called Showboat.
To describe these places as swingers clubs as per the accepted definition is stretching it a bit. All they really do is get very ugly hookers in to service the many men who pay 50E at the door. There are a (very) few legit swingers at these places very infrequently.
Good luck!
I'm going to Amsterdam this summer for 2 months and I was wondering about the style of dancing in the clubs in Amsterdam. I have been clubbing for 3 years in Seoul, South Korea. We usually use gloves (liquid), sticks with both long and short strings. I'm also wondering if there are people who just goto clubs to just dance and not to try ot hit on girls or take E? Also what club do you think has the best dancers?
Well, I'm sure there are, but where would be the fun in that?

Erm, not entirely sure what you're looking for, but you soud like quite a hardcore techno/trance kind of dude. You could try Escape (www.escape.nl). I've heard that Ministry (www.ministry.nl) is also good, but have never been there, although no-one has really used glo-sticks or gloves in Europe for about eight years now.

But frankly, if you're dancing all night solidly to gabba/hardcore without any stimulants at all, best of luck to you.
They just closed Escape. The police claim drugs were being sold there. Imagine that!
Surely not? Drugs in Escape?

It won't last. This sort of thing hapopens now and again. They probably hadn't filled in form 1444-9/m/8-0097-p-ESCU-DRUQ and submitted it in triplicate with the relevant bri...er, fee.
You might try the 020, especially since the Escape is closed. they have tech-house as well as harder sounds and is not really full of posers like some of the other clubs.

If you want really good dancers and guys not hitting on girls, then I suggest you try the IT. Known for their notoriously gay Saturday nights (the theme used to be something like "Your mind isn't the only thing that we'll blow") they also have mixed nights for the straight folks. But as far as moves go, those dancing queens really beat the pants off straight men.

Terribly sorry about all the bad puns...

I hope this helps a bit. Cheers!

gee, $Onickle, i thought the puns were the best part 8^)

Yep thats me........

but maybe thats why I have never been to a rave.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hard core dance guy myself. Indeed, if anything at all I would be one of the guys that goes to clus to talk to women. To be honest, I have no problem if they are posers. After all, aren't all model posers (well, except for those spokesmodels that think they can act?)

Personally, I don't like to go places that play music that I have to take drugs to enjoy. I like my hash & booze and that is about it. I always laugh when I am at a club and someone asks if I have any drugs. I pull out my joint and Sapphire & Tonic and they look at me funny. I guess the average raver just doesn't look at soft drugs as "real" drugs.
Yep I'm a softie too.

I just don't see the point in going beyond that.
The reason is because cocain and E is class A drugs. CLASS A!
Hm. But do you not think that this reflects political reality more than pharmacological reality? After all, pot is a class 'c' drug and alcohol is legal.

It's for show. Holland is the world's largest producer and exporter of E, and other countries are getting a bit fed up with it.

"Hey, look at us! We're serious about stopping illegal drugs! Really!"
I tend to stay away from drugs that are made from household supplies, or potentially faked with household supplies.....meth seems to be very popular 'round these parts....

Give me the green from the earth....and malt it occasionally, also....
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