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animal sex

sick shit?

I have only enjoyed the pleasures of monkey sex?and it was always with other human(s).
I barked like a dog once when in a particularly pleasing position?.

I think the whole sex-with-animals thing is more of a disgust fetish than anything sexual, erotic, or power related.

be real- avoid these wild fuckers
the worst thing about fuckin a sheep is that you have too climb off and walk around to kiss it!
What do you call a West Virginian with a sheep under each arm? A pimp.

Get help you sick fuck, but don't spend too much money you owe your palm too much.

do you know places where you can perform animal sex? I mean not just watch the girls but also anticipate!!!!!!!!!

Anywhere where there are animals?

You'll be a bit pushed to find this sort of thing on a low budgie-t. Still, dogged determination will get you through. Don't be cowed and you'll be starlinged at what you can achieve.

my girl friend is a dog u can bang her if ya like woof woof!
Whatever happened to the good old posts concerning normal straight sex? You know AIDS came from sex with a monkey. SARS came from a cat. We have monkey pox, rats spread cholerea and the plague and moskitos carry yellow fever. God is telling you something. You might think from my posts that I'm not religious but I do believe.

And I believe this original post and others like it are simply ugly internet graffiti designed by sociopathic kids trying to shock the adults. We are not shocked, only dismayed.

The Amsterdam Red Light District is about adult sex conducted in the safest way possible. The Dutch may be the most enlightened people on Earth and yet we most tolerate the most insulting crap one can imagine on this part of the forum.

If you must, in the animal kingdom, sheep come closest to human beings. However, I do believe you deserve a good Chinese cat. Have fun, go away and let the adults discuss adult topics.
people go on about such shit because they not only want to have sex with an animal they are one. obviously, being that they seem to lack that which differentiates the two species, interest outside of eating, shitting , sleeping and reproducing. not a big suprise to see that most the people inquiring about the wierd sex are americans or otherwise non-dutch...tourists are money...
animal sex is pretty desperate. it is probably the most degrading thing a person can do to themselves sexually.

i didn't know that about "SARS came from a cat"- here in the states we are alienating prairie dog owners and spreading rumors about petshops and where fags put gerbils. hhaaa! i had read somewhere once that syphilis came from sex with a chicken and herpes a dog, aids came from monkey sex, and gonorrhea from sheep- or some other clusterfuck of STD?s and animals. hmmm?.clusterfuck?.i rarely get to use that word in it?s proper context.

<pets doggie on head
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