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Going Euro, Tips on Canna mixes?

Maybe I'm the odd man out, but I've always enjoyed mixing my canna with a bit of tobacco or damiana back in the day. Sadly though, my tobacco days are in the past (8 years strong, and then one acid trip around 4 years ago freed me ever since). not even a blunt has touched these lips in the last few years, which is a good thing seeing as i never cared for that crap in the first place ;).

Anyhow, I'll probably cut my J's with damiana, but I was curious whether anybody else had any suggestions on decent filler material for buds. Maybe something they know from experience mixes well with the flavors, or is transparent in taste (ideally). Maybe even something that is worth smoking on its own (like damiana - sadly the smell isn't the best).

Thanx for any leads...



btw- just incase you were curious, in the states I normally roll pure spliffs - but I'm also trying to make each experience the end-all be-all of any encounter (get riped and relax). The dam seems like a place I would want to explore at length, and getting blitzed out of my mind isn't condusive to seeing a new culture (plus, after a few days of non-stop smoking, i'm sure I'll be lit enough.. no need to waste money and tolerance levels in a mad dash to catatonia).
from personal experiance i found that no matter how high i got in a coffeeshop as soon as i started walking around the city i became a bit sober. i never felt like a zombie walking the streets of amsterdam,and i did quite a bit of smoking. maybe a mixture of a good sativa and some heavy indica would do you right? peace!
I'm going to agree. I wouldn't worry about it. If you smoke pure j's at home there's no reason to change. Amsterdam is a city of weed but it also makes you want to walk, explore and discover. If you overdo it the first day, don't smoke as much.

Then again, I've never understood why the tobacco mix at all. Better taste? Uses less weed? Helps burn better? You smoke anyway?

Glad to hear you quit cigs...me too. Better for us!
Just this past weekend I was pedalling in the hills around my place and you can imagine my surprise when I saw a huge field of industrial hemp growing. I know what I'll be using as joint filler in the future, when I'm looking for a protable smoke! Most of the time I tend to just use a vaporizer, so much nicer on the lungs.

If you always roll pure joints at home I don't see why you can't handle then in the Dam, and there's no law stating you must smoke it all at once.

I did see that some of the headshops in Amsterdam had a variety of herbs for smoking but I've never tried them.

I have smoke the damiana blend with my joints and found it to be a pleasant switch from tobacco for a while, but it isn't something that I would change over to permanently. Also, the "herbal xtc" cigarettes work pretty well too. I never got any effect from just smoking the cigarettes on their own, but when I mixed them with hash, it wasn't half bad. The cigarettes are made mostly out of wild lettuce and are tobacco free so they might work well for your non-tobacco spliffs.


I would agree with the other posters - once you get out and about from the coffeeshops you tend to feel less "caned". The problem is motivating yourself to leave the coffeeshops!

Thats why once I have bought my pot (and I have a cultural day planned), I have a spliff in the room before breakfast rather than heading to a coffeeshop straight away, then go straight out and do the cultural thing and not touch a coffeeshop till lunchtime.

But that's me and maybe I'm more susceptible to the super gravitational properties of coffeeshops! But then saying that, I think I just prefer to be walking around stoned rather than sitting in a coffeeshop stoned.

Anyway I am definitely waffling!

Then again, I've never understood why the tobacco mix at all. Better taste? Uses less weed? Helps burn better? You smoke anyway?

Well, it most certainly isn't the taste.. It has more to do with the subjective enjoyment of finishing a full joint whenever one is lit up (i just dislike putting them out) and tempering your personal tolerance levels (i.e. keep it cost effective by starting simple and building up). Simply put: it allows me to smoke strong cannabis at the frequency I'd have smoked a pack of fags opposed to taking a few superstrong hits in one setting. If given the choice, I'd rather smoke a tiny bit all day then a large amount at once.

Joints are generally a predetermined length (set by the dimensions of the paper itself). If I only wanted to get a morning glaze going on, I could just take a hit and put it out. On the otherhand, I could also simply cut it and have a full joint to smoke till it roaches. In the end, the difference is one of personal aesthetics.

It's kinda like the analogy of finishing your plate - if you to be filled each time, you'd fill the plate according to your hunger level by selecting the right mix of filling and light items.

If you were not overly hungery, or trying to save your appetite for later, you'd avoid the heavy, carbohydrate laiden items and opt more for something that would quickly pass.

Glad to hear you quit cigs...me too. Better for us!

Right on, sister.. How did you finally manage? Well, regardless, I'm glad to see you're not pimping dollars to companies like that anymore :)..
How did I manage? Everytime I wanted a cig, a smoked a j. When you are passed out, it is much easier to quit. Also, I used the herbals just to get past the hand to mouth thing. Catnip, lettuce, marshmellow...tastes like shit. I'm at the point where I don't even really want to smoke. Not bad after 22 years
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