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Plushie Sex

Is there anyplace I can go watch a live plushie sex show while in the 'Dam? I'm not into the whole plushie thing myself, in fact I never really thought it existed until a few days ago.. but I find the whole affair quite comical and would greatly enjoy eatting a space cake or two whilst some watery tart binked a teddybear in front of me.

Tre Postmodern, eh?

(:: _non

btw- I am quite serious.. and I know they aren't tarts, that's more of a python allusion then anything else ;)
Allude this you little cunt rag.
After seeing a special on I think *gasp* MTV about plushies, I took it upon myself to do a little research on the net. I tell you, it was hard to find actual information on this subject. Often I was bombarded with sex/sex ad pages.

But some informatitive sites I found :

http://velocity.net/~galen/plovefaq.txt - A Basic FAQ

http://velocity.net/~galen/plushlex.txt - This one I thought was quite funny. Basically a plush dictonary.

http://www.vortexk.com/ - This one lists both child friendly and adult sites.

From what I understand (this could be 100% wrong to warn you), they have sort of conventions where they meet, and then hook up if they want. I suppose you would have to join one of the mailing lists to find out more detailed information. This is, afterall, an underground sex/fetish.

I hope this information helps you out.

Just some lurker
I thought I had heard of most things but plushie sex ????

What the hell next?

I also found some links to pictures of these conventions you speak of, Lurker:


Enjoy.. not very sexual, from what I got to see, but comical.. yes!

(:: _non
I thought I had heard of most things but plushie sex ????

What the hell next?


LOL. No doubt ND2. I almost lost my mouthful of Michelob over this one.
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