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Been to the Dam 4 times going back in Feb.

First off, I think the main issue withthe strains in amsterdam is
how fresh is it, also very important is has it been shaken.
What I mean by that is many shops shake the gear to get the tricromes
which fetch a much higher price than anything right now, but they also sell
those buds which have had many tricromes shook off, so sometimes
a strain that could have been great is often reduced.

Best grass

1. Desert Storm - Andulacia
2. Jack Herrer - Anyday
3. Blueberry - Noon

Best hash

1. Dutch Moonshine - Nes Cafe
2. Lebenon Blond - Rookies
3. Afgan delight - Coffeeshop Little
Bottom line is the people over in Amsterdam know full and well
that many tourist come to buy many strains based on name recognition
so from what I ve seen for the most part the most expensive strains are not always the best out there, athough as long as you stay away from the thai's, mex, jamacian and colombians import stuff, your gonna get good
stuff, judging the best is hard because f the amount your taking in, kinda like at thanksgiving you try to make room for everything on your plate.
Also dont get me wrong about Jamacian bud, just go there and try it if you want a real representation of how good it is,
That is a tasty list for sure...but I think that one has to be careful because there are so many types of weed out there in the coffeeshop realm..I have seen two bags of weed that look identical but are called by different names..depending on where you got it. One has to be a real expert to be able to accurately identify different strains on a consistent basis. I bought some Jack Herrer at Sativa in Haarlem that was super strong...one of the few that made me cough..I think I could recognize it again..but if I bought some ' Jack Herer " from another shop could I say for certainty that it was the same thing? Does it matter? As long as I get high octane buds at reasonable prices not much else matters. As far as shaking the buds..I do not doubt that it goes on....shame on the shop that would sell shaken bud as new..one deserves all the trichomes that a plant was born with..I would hope that a reputable shop would sell it as ' seconds '..a little cheaper...or use it for mixing in food products,etc. Stick with reputable shops and especially ones that have a microscope..like deKuil..and there will be no problem. It might not hurt to invest in a loup..a little magnifying glass to examine the buds prior to purchase. That won't help in shops that prepackage but if you examine the product before leaving..you ought to be able to have any situations rectified satisfactorily. In thinking back on it tho..my favorite buds were : Grey Mist buds--Grey Area../ and of course Grey Mist Crystal kief- Grey Area../ Jack Herer , Satica-Haarlem,.../ White Widow,Barneys .../ Stella Blue , Bluebird .../ HASH : Pablow Picasso had a good deal on some cheap hash..but the best was at the Bluebird...they specialize in hash..the Pavarti Cream was almost like crawling into an opium den when I sunk into that comfy couch and toked that stuff....mmmmm...most tasty and very strong..Thats my take on it!!Peace!!
.fresh weed is not necessarily the best..sometimes that may be a negative factor if it is not fully dried..properly cured weed may be a few weeks old ..tastes better too..as for shaken buds..if you cant see the crystals on your herb dont buy it!..
Bottom line I had better stuff in Houston than 70% of whats inthe dam.
Also shaken buds do not appear with out crystals, just not as many, they don't shake them all off, kinda just a once over, believe me Im friend with two owners down ther one who does it and one who hates it.

I guess finding that 30% of whats really super top notch gear.

When I say fresh, I don't mean wet, we've all been thru that, but my places cure different ly and mre importantly store it different,
Ask the people if the do it in mason jars leftting the rass breath every
so often you wil get crisp buds that have the amazing taste and reduce harshness
funny you should mention mason jars and houston. i happen to live in houston and have a few mason jars.
Whats up,

I assume those jars are full of gold like ours,
We should get intouch it's always fun to trade quality,
let me know if interested, variety is aways great, not to mention the
shared tips we could give each other.
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