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b1 sex shop

where exactly is it.
The B1 porn store/ cinema is on Reguliersbreestraat which is the street connecting Muntplein with Rembrandtsplein. It's on the Munt end next door to the side entrance to McDonalds.
Are there video booths with gloryholes there? What about the live sex booths? What kind of action goes on there? I remember when I was 18... my first time in an adult shop... I entered a cabin, dropped in my money, and proceeded to "relax." Suddenly I noticed a pair of fingers coming out of the wall. Being very new to sex, I got freaked out and ran... literally... outta there. Musta been a hilarious sight to all the older pervs. lol
There's 4 floors to the B1. The bottom floor is a standard Amsterdam sex shop- free entry, loads of movies, magazines, and toys for sale. No video booths.

The next 3 floors are porno movie theaters more or less. Seems to me the cost now might be around EUR 7 for a one time entry and Eur 10 for an all day pass with in and out privledges.

The first theater shows hetero films from Germany, Nederlands and Denmark mostly. I know of no better porno theater film wise anywhere. Seems to me when I was there there were 6 or 7 tapes playing before any repeats. There's maybe 30 seats- standard theater seating.

The next floor up (your ticket gives you all 3 floors) is a gay theater which shows films with a seating area. There's also little cabins maybe 4 feet by 4 feet that are private and lockable but you can't see the screen when you're in one of them. There's a large darkroom maze where gays hang out and hook up. It's so dark you'll bump into the walls the first time you enter. There's some gloryholes on this floor.

The top floor is private cabins, gloryholes, and public areas where there are maybe 3 tv sets playing the same gay film from the floor below.

I've only once seen a woman in the theater. I was down in the hetero theater when this British couple entered and then turned around and went upstairs. Turns out the guy was bi. We worked over the woman whilst gay guys serviced the guy. I remember a particularly funny sight as the couple were in the back row of the gay theater where there are glory holes leading to the dark room. While the woman was letting 4 or 5 of us caress and eat her a hand came out of one of the glory holes to tweek on the womans breasts- just looked strange. The gay film stopped for some reason and the woman asked where the film was and all we could say was you're the film sweetheart. I'd say if you want to see a woman in the theater you better bring your own. There also seemed to be a fair amount of hash/weed smoking going on mostly in the private cabins.

I've only been to Amsterdam in the windy rainy parts of the year. The B1 is a great break on those 2 degree C rainy days with a 30 km wind blowing.
Thanks for the detailed info. Are there lots of places like that or is B1 a one of a kind? How would one go about finding these places?
I've been in 5 or 6 of the theaters in Amsterdam. There's a couple on Spui or NZ Voorburgwahl, 1 across from the B1, and maybe 4 in and around the RLD. Some are very gay and some had lots of elderly wankers, none is even close to the B1 for (hetero) film quality. I think I found all of them by chance- just walking around.
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