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Zaandvoort in relation to the 'Dam

hello all, I am a frequent lurker, but today I've decided to come up with a good enough question to ask some of you folks...

I am planning my trip for the Cup in Nov. '04and have noticed as far as potential prices(based on Nov. of this year though) that one of the biggest costs going is the hotel. look I have nothing against hostels, but I am a typical lazy American i like a private room with shower, TV, and stuff! anyways, something like $100-$300 euros per night what-have-ya!

now, my folks own a timeshare that you can trade off to and they have one call'd the Tulip Inn Zaandvoort(something or other) looking at a map it seems like it's 25 miles or so away, and I guess my question is would it even be worthwhile to stay that far out and then tram in, or should I just suck it up and pay for a good room or possibly an apt.? thing about staying in Zaandvoort though is it won't cost me no where near the amount.

I see where Zaandvoort has like 2 of their own coffeshops and Haarlem, from what I've read about on Blueberry's trip report sounds happenin' too. and for experienced vistiors or homies is the Cup overrated? will I just end up spending more dough than it's worth? I am coming to your beautiful country mainly too smoke your beautiful herbs. I want to find that hole-in-the-wall coffeeshop that carries "BOMBS!"

can't wait, good timez lay ahead!!!

well, thanks in advance!

I personally have never stayed outside the city centre of Amsterdam. But i hear the surrounding cities including the two you mentioned, Haarlem and Zaandvort are pleasant cities.

If your intention is to just visit the coffeeshops and smoke some good herb id suggest just staying in Amsterdam. Especially if your there for the Cup due to most of the shops that enter the cup are all in Amsterdam.

If you need advice for places to stay in Amsterdam, on suggestion for a decent apartment is CityMundo Apartments. They have different locations all around Amsterdam, different setups for everyones tastes, reasonably prices as well. Youll find reviews and a link for their site here on the Channels site.

Good luck with your search and have a hell of a time!


Well here are a few of my opinions about your questions. For one, YES, the cup is WAAAY overrated and I would never, ever spend the money to attend such a fucked up media hyped event which doesnt really have anyting to do with which coffeeshop has the best weed!! Some other members here have a personal take on the event and one of them is excitableone, he also has a VT site and provides first hand info about the event, he went last year and said he would NEVER make that mistake again. Personnally with just a little research here and a few other sites you can find all the info you need to get all the best weed and hash in Amsterdam, ANY time of year:))

And about the Zandvoort hotel issue, I cant believe your folks have a timeshare there, I have searched on that relentlessly to no avail. My parents also have timeshares and I even tried to get in that hotel you mentioned and the timeshare units were booked up for 3 solid years.

Another thing about staying there is the cost of the train everyday into AMS can get pricey if you do it alot and the trains only run certain hours so you would be restricted somewhat timewise, esp at night when you would have to return by midnight. I have stayed in Haarlem on two occasions and it just got old having to take the train every single day into AMS. Also it now costs 5,50 euros just go from AMS CS to Haarlem so it would be a least one or two euros more to go to Zandvoort round- trip daily. I am not sure how long you are staying so it may not be an issue for you, but we stayed for like 17 nights and at almost 12 euros daily for both of us was getting to be too much. Just some thoughts..

Also you can find something in AMS for less than 100 euros per night and get something nice with private facilities. You could even check into a citymundo rental, esp if you have someone to share it with, if not there are plenty of nice places with reasonable prices all around town.

I couldn't agree more about the Cannabis Cup, I made the mistake of attending the 10th Cup in 97 and it is truely vile.
I felt the worst for the people that were experiencing Amsterdam for the first time through this commercialized mush pablem, I was lucky to have had been visiting already for the better part of the decade, and once I realized that we were just prey for the High Times machine, all bets were off.
Half way through this so called event I defected and took several other "judges" with me.
Me and my entourage spent the remainder of the trip as far away from the festivities as possible, severing our assocation with the fiasco that is the Cup.
Everyday in Amsterdam is the Cannabis Cup!
Start your own event like many others on this board.
Some of these grassroot happenings like the recent Coffeeshop Crawl and Smoke Out seem a helluva lot more fun, cheaper and most of all organized.

Ik denk ik te veel
spacecake heb opgegeten

great info.

Blueberry, my folks don't own the unit there(Zaandvoort) was just looking to trade...thanks for the heads up on them being book'd up for 3 years!

sounds to me staying in the 'Dam is the way to go.

thanks again!!!

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