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hey any of you dudes grow your own indoors? if so i have a question for ya, i am thinking of getting the gear for some home use should a space which is 6 foot high,3 foot wide,and 3 foot deep be enough to grow 2 plants???? many thanks
I hate to send people elsewhere, but www.overgrow.com has all the answers to any grow question you could possibly think of. Searh their knowledge base before even thinking of posting...it is VAST!
aka AITK

overgrow is by far the best place for any of your questions in in/outdoor growing, but be sure to read the FAQ first, before posting a question. No-one is going to do your homework for yourself, and if you really want to be an effienct grower, you'll want the knowledge anyways.


dirty souf rep-
i agree,overgrow is the best place for cannabis growing knowledge.that said i will try and answer your question-yes that is enough space if not too much.my advise to you is to invest in a 250w high pressure sodium light with a chain system to move it up and down and make your grow area 6'tall,3'wide,2'deep and paint the inside flat white so that the light can evenly cover the floor space.use square buckets so you don't waste space.start at least 6 plants so you have a 50% chance of getting 3 females.the main issue with a grow box is heat,your going to need some fans to cool that light,if you have the money check into a cooled hood set up.if you are on a tight budget you can go with compact flouros.not as good as hid lights but will do the trick.other than that i suggest you read a lot on overgrow and ask questions.erb is easy to grow,and if everyone that smoked it grew their own it would probally be tolarated in america.good luck on your grow and may the big bud gods bless you.
damn straight brother. that sounded good. i am an american.
I have several friends that use the SOG (sea over Green) method for growning their own inside. Check it out. I've seen the results and am very convinced that this is one of the best methods. Toke on - running wild
Justin my home boy from Va.
Drop me an email . I'm in Blacksburg, Va
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