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How do u smoke hash?

slowly< hit off the other end. It's the most pure and best tasting way to smoke hash I think. Eats hash quickly though.
I'm with GT about enjoying fine moroccan. Yum.

Over the years I've found myself adopting the method of smoking
fine moroc the way my friends in Christiania do - in a joint mixed with toasted tobacco. If you want to get funny stares from fellow patrons in an Amsterdam coffeeshop, take out a ciggie and toast it black with a lighter as you repeatedly blow the toxins out of it in noxious-smelling clouds:)

That said, I still carry a little wood pipe for the occassional pure hash hit.
Anybody want to weigh in on the best way to smoke jelly / ico-o-lated hashes? I caught this about the Moonshine dark hash from the Dampkring over at the

As I rubbed burn cream on the blister, I called Native K and asked him to drop by with his pipe. We packed the glass and lit it up... expensive mistake. OK, next try was to (reluctantly) smoke it with tobacco in a joint. We "spaghettied" the hash and laid the pieces in the joint. The thin strips still stuck together so for the next spliff I broke the spaghetti into smaller bits like preparing a polm. Oh...oh.. real nice.

Seems they finally got it to work with tobacco, but for those of us that want to purely enjoy the flavor, and smoke, of jelly hashes, what would you suggest? *Really* fine mesh screens? For the cost, knife hits and glass tilting seems wasteful (sidestream smoke loss).
Seems they finally got it to work with tobacco, but for those of us that want to purely enjoy the flavor, and smoke, of jelly hashes, what would you suggest? *Really* fine mesh screens? For the cost, knife hits and glass tilting seems wasteful (sidestream smoke loss).

Smoking under glass won't work for hash which melts. A layer of weed in the bottom of the bowl works for hash oil. Seems it would for trichromes also.

Do you smoke hash mixed in with weed or just by itself? I've never tried it and want to give it a go Saturday night in the dam.
either way will work, crumble some up (you might have to put a flame to it to get it to soften) put it in your joint or just put some in a pipe ( i prefer a wooden pipe with a screen)....try some dutch made hash if you get a chance, it can be expensive.
I know we might be comparing apples to oranges here, but compared to a high on weed.... how does the hash compare? I'm looking for a happy, laughing at everything kinda high... not a don't want to move & can't move totally stoned feeling.
to me most hash is a thinking mans high, it's great
you must also relize the different hashes

dark - afgan nepal - normally mixed with opium even in the dam
i like it but i dig opium

light - morrocan or lebonese pure with great flavor great for mixing
with grass

nederhash - even light POTENT

but if you want a real thrill and dont mind paying 25 euros a gram
for unpressed tricromes you will get the best buzz ever
Just take it easy in the beginning Nefarious. If you arent use to smoking hash or even some very strong weed, it could make for an unpleasent experience. Take it slow and have a fantastic time! Peace. Puffin13
some hash will work in the vaporizer, the dutch made hash works great some of the imported hash is too dry to work good in vaporizers.
I tried hash for the first time a few weeks ago........and I liked it.........alot!!

I would crumble some in with some tobacco and then light it up.

The first time I left it in my tin for nearly a week and it was potent when I smoked it. The high was great, very buzzy and uplifted but in control, but it did make my girlfriend very paranoid and giggly.

Enjoy, but take it easy....

the black nederhashes & ice/jelly hashes are the strongest & most expensive.

as said above, the black indian /nepali hashes are often opiated and are also strong.

my favorite by far are the brown moroccan's (king hassan, christmas pollen, dark polm & the like)...the buz is good, true fresh thc with the best flavor & aroma for my money.

all the varieties will soften & crumble nicely if warmed with your lighter first; hold the edge of a chunk by your flame but don't let it burn. i like a clean glass bowl with a clean screen for the purest taste, but mixing in a joint is great too & sometimes more convenient.

enjoy, you lucky dog!
my favorate way to some hash is to take a small piece of the hash and place it on a thumb tack(saftey pin,earring,paper clip,etc...),place on a flat surface,light it on fire till it is encaced by the flame,blow it out and place a glass on top of it till the glass is full of milky white smoke.then get down near the table,tilt the glass and suck the smoke out.if you freeze the glass the smoke will stay in it so you can pick it up and drink the smoke out.or just top off a bowl of headdies with it.have fun saturday and don't miss the grey mist crystals if the grey area still has em.
That's your favorite way?
That's the way you do it if you have no paraphernalia, but if you got the choice, why not just smoke it out of a pipe or chillum if you want straight smoke?
Are you a masochist?
You would do that in a coffeeshop? I gotta say I definitely wouldn't, especially without asking permission to use one of their glasses for that purpose. I personally prefer doing single hits of hash from a glass piece, or mixed in with a joint, if it's an especially nice tasting hash I'll go easy on the weed and make a mostly hash joint. Occasionally I will put a sprinkling of tobacco in there just to get it to light better.
Or you can tilt the glass up a hair and put a coin or two under it. Then take a straw and put one end down at that air gap and
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