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Internet access at coffeeshops or other places in RLD?

Hey I am getting online at Bulldog. Are there any other coffeeshops or other places IN THE RLD that you can get online?
not to my knowledge but i haven't been everywhere in the rld, i just read your post in the RLD forum, if you can't get high atleast you got laid...lol......please post the strains of weed that would not get you high, good luck and have fun
In the RLD there are several locations including coffeeshops along Warmoestraat (however connectivity tends to be pricey). Not RLD, but least expensive are the Easy Internets, Damrak and Reguliersbreestraat, but a very uncomfortable atmosphere - no smoking, drinking, or eating permitted. I used to frequent the Freeworld, Nieuwendijk 30 several years ago. They have a bar, sell dope, indeed then internet time was free as long as you'd purchase a drink every twenty minutes! (alas, not sure of their current policy).
You just can't get away from the RLD can you?
its a shame
Do know there's an entire city waiting for you three blocks over?
No doubt.
No, no, no... I've been quite a ways from he RLD. Actually, I am at and easyInternet Cafe. It is nice, cheap, and clean and you can drink soda and coffee that they sell The RLD is just a very close walk to my hotel... so it's convenient. I've been here for about 2 weeks so I've seen plenty.

The strains of weed that didn't get me high...
white widow (wasn't sticky, but smell like baby poop)
super skunk (sticky, but didn't smell like baby poop)
and a couple others that I don't remember (a little sticky and a little smelly)
I'm boycotting EasyEverything Amsterdam.

Try accessing http://www.lycaeum.org and http://www.smokersguide.com

Don't worry, you're doing nothing illegal, but I find it risible that EE Amsterdam blocks access to sex and drugs sites when you can buy both freely two minutes' walk away. They're also forcing independent operators out of Amsterdam, which can only be a bad thing. What if EE were the only major Internet operator in Amsterdam? Where would you go for your CS info? They're not really that cheap in comparison either.

It's also a bit rank around midnight when the tramps move in.

Try http://www.internetcafe.nl/IC2003/

I understand that Siberie CS also has internet access which is free if you buy something.
I sympathize with your position Dazzler. Several years ago when the Easy opened, it was brilliant. Each unit was equipped with a vidcam and internet telephone, there was a service desk offering broad communication options - uploading/downloading, faxing, copying, etc. - cafe service; even a unique desktop icon permitting refreshments to be ordered and delivered promptly. Then, there was no blocking ("Risible"? in Amsterdam, absurd!). Now, merely a machine to buy time. Not only Amsterdam, but also London, Trafalgar, for example, now shares premises with a Subway and postal services shop. Seldom even minimally cleaned, it has become thoroughgoingly shabby. So too Rome. But what is one to do? As a matter of economy, the last time I was in Amsterdam a month's pass was a mere twenty Euros.
I think the vid cams and service desk staff were a bit of a loss leader to entice customers in before paring the service down to basics. I was ripped off a couple of months ago at the Tottenham Court Road branch when one of the machines took my money and didn't give me a ticket. I stood wating to complain for half an hour before the single member of staff who was there (who looked like he was employed for his selective hearing rather than his IT or customer service skills) called the police becuase I was standing in front of the machines not letting anoyne but any tickets. The policeman turned up, told me I wasnt' doing anything illegal and cleared off. When I finally got through to someone on the 'helpline' it turned out that she was an Australian temp. secretary who knew nothing about the business or about internet cafes in general. At the time of writing, I have still not been refunded despite several sharp emails requesting that this happen.

They're cunts, run by a cunt, basically.
Abraxas has free internet for 15 minutes if you buy a drink. The computers also take euros for time. They are not in the RLD but I think you need to get out of there anyway.
An offending post was removed, as well as responses to offending post.

Folks really don't want to read pissing match posts....
hmm..was my post removed
Sorry the Brooklyn in me comes out so fast but I do hate getting flamed.

I will try to be good!

Live long and prosper!
lol..funny shit
Wow... I had no idea that any sites were blocked at easyInternet Cafe. However, I do understand about the lack of technical support there. The only people that worked there were the kids up from selling books and other junk. I had a minor problem and they basically said there was nothing they could do. Through a bit of luck I was able to get back online.

Anyway, I found it strange that posts were removed on this forum. What kinds of posts will be removed? Is there a rules page about that or what kinds of posts are inappopriate? Sorry if I seem a bit confused by this, but I've never had any of my posts removed or otherwise edited.

On a related topic, at the end of the Anne Frank House tour, there was a big presentation with videos and so on that was on the subject of Freedom of Speech vs the rights of individuals and groups to not be hurt by others speech.
I think that the moderator only removes posts like: "F**K you, you flaming a**hole! LOL (no other content).
Censorship reigns supreme!
i asked if he was your mom ..and then i said damn holier than thouers...i also typed the word fuck...very offensive as you can see and most definitely in need of some moderating by
THE MODERATOR....hhaha..whuuteverrrrrrr
Actually, that's not really 100% true. You posted a pretty nasty flame, directed totally at me...but yes, it did contain the word fuck.

I am boldly going....to another thread!

werd up gangsta
I tried several places for internet while I was in the Dam and I found that Betty Boop coffeeshop had it covered. Bought some nice Bubble Gum sativa and a coffee and got the computer right next to the window on the second floor. While rolling a fattie I could watch the scene outside in the very nice courtyard before firing up. The computers are good quality and the price is reasonable. The bathroom is even upstairs...
You can even trip out on the frogs in the aquarium...Beety Boop is my number 1 pick...
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