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how do you smoke a Chillum?

sorry maybe a dumb question but how do you smoke a Chillum?
Its basically an Indian Hash Pipe, but you can smoke anything in it. Make sure you put your stone in it to keep the contents from spilling out. Then you hold your hand around the end of the chillum and light the top that you have packed with weed. You basically hold it upright and smoke it through your fist around the end. Ill look for a picture and add it here.

Well I found something better than a picture I found WERNERS SITE! He is such a great guy!

hell yeah that looks like fun. I bet that gets you pretty stoned.
Well judging from the main picture it looks like it brought Ian Curtis back to life.

He's not looking well, it has to be said. Mind you, neither would you after 23 years underground.
Ahhh, Christiania, the place where I first learned how to
smoke a chillum:)
I first used a chillum with the Coptic brothers in Miami. They put the little round stone in, then packed it with a reefer/tobaco mix..then took small squares of cloth and wet them. they would stretch these wet cloths across the mouthpiece to keep ashes and fire from going into the mouth. A little labor intensive but as a novelty kind of neat!1Peace!
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