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where to find the shrooms?

i recently came across some posts in the knowledge base, and i realized... like weed, shrooms are going to be different at each store... so who can tell me the best places to find shrooms? i've done them before, but i don't know what kind they were, not that i really care, all i know is they were awesome. i was laughing my ass off for about six hours, i don't care what it was it was funny. i would really enjoy that buzz again, so if any one has any info, it would be greatly appreciated. (i say that a lot don't i?) oh well, after my trip i can get on here and help other people instead of always asking for the help.
IMHO shrooms from shop to shop are usually the same. BUT, and I say BUT.. I always shop at Concious Dreams. They used to have a website, but I can't seem to find it (I found it! http://www.consciousdreams.nl/ ). I have tried tons of mushrooms and liked em all! Try the Mexican, Hawaiian, Philly Stones, Thia Cubesin or the Liberty Caps. Experiment with Salvia while you are there also. You can also do cacti, but it is usually expensive.

I have also bought at Natures Way near Liedsplien.

Hope it helps
consious dreams website:
I actually added the Addy above in my post.. but try the Golden Teachers also if you can find them. A great great great trip!

Hope ya have fun!

Buckofive's roomie works at a place called Smartzone on:
Sint Annenstraat 18, Phone: 020-421 84 49
Nice selection. Just a warning, the shop is located in the heart of the RLD.
Happy motoring!
Since the real meat of this thread has already been covered by other knowledgeable channelites, let me add my $.02 on this issue:

This is a reasonably logical hypothesis, but doesn't really hold true. Psilocybe, as a plant, is far less complex of an organism then cannabis. Whether we're talking stem or cap, all portions of the fungi are created from the same material, the mycelia. Hidden within the meat of this gracious gift to man we find a far simpler array of active chemicals, most notably tryptamines (small doses, and are not orally active) and the vaulted psilocybin. Certain strains (more exotic then psilocybe cubensis, like Panaeolus) have been known to contain other analogous and relative percentages of psilocybin/psilocin/baeocystin/and tryptamines, but for the most part - as long as the breed stay the same - they compare pretty well against each other. In a nutshell, the only variable is potency.

For cannabis though, as we all know, potency of the THC isn't the only variable. There are hundreds of chemicals present in a nug, and the interactions of said chemicals are far from understood. Some build up the effect of THC in the body, others bring it down (still others play an independent role in altering the high). For example, We know CBD, a chemical that can be turned into THC via the process of isomization (heating, in a sense) can inhibit the body from responding to THC (e.g. hemp), and (if nothing else) adds to the body stone sensation of some indicas. Certain genetics (notably asian strains) have unique analogues of THC found nowhere else (i.e. THCV, giving credence to the association of thai, and other asian varieties, having more of a visually psychedelic effect on the mind). There are many other chemicals as well (like CBNs, a degraded form of THC, and CBC), and depending on the conditions of growth, point of harvest*, and genetics, you get different ratios and different ranges of quality in the high itself.

Even still though, happy hunting and I hope you have a blast.

* - common knowledge dictates that sativas have an uplifting high and indicas have a more sedating effect. This is true, but if a sativa is harvested very mature it carries more of a body relaxing effect, and an early indica can feel far more uplifiting (red hairs are the best sign of maturity in a cured product that I know of). Nothing is black and white..
i too agree with all the regs and i would suggest trying the mexicain variaty of shrooms, they can be purchased at any smartshop and there are alot of smartshops, i would disagree with the suggestion to experiment with salvia, i have done the research and read many first hand accounts and in my opinion its not a good choice. many people will disagree with me. the catus can be expensive almost too expensive to really trip. sometimes i think thats why you don't see alot of people tripping hard around amsterdam, its just too damn expensive or maybe they just stay inside. intense halucinations can bring intense paranoia. over the last year or so there has been alot of threads on this subject, the knowledge base should yeild a wealth of information. good luck and have fun
The mexies are Psilocybe Cubensis, just for the record. This is the primary variety most people see in the states, next to liberty caps (i.e. Psilocybe Semilanceata). Semilanceata are my personal favs, although something more exotic might be a good bet as well. In fact, I would actually avoid the cubensis and semilanceata simply because they are so easy to acquire here in the states (assuming you're a yank) and look for the stuff I've never had the chance to try. Go to www.erowid.org and familiarize yourself with the different varieties, families and catagories that shrooms fall into (education is always the best defense.. but you know that, otherwise you wouldn't be here, eh?). .

Definitely do your first trip while in a safe and controlled enviroment (like in your hotel room) just to gauge the dosage. Tripping can be a powerful and (sometimes) scary experience. Being in a foreign environ can - as patrick warned - aggravate the situation.
Another point, also.

Your body quickly "learns" to metabolize the active
ingredients in mushrooms and you'll find your
tolerance to them to rises rapidly, so try not
to do them every day, but give your body a couple
of days break between.
Just wondering why you would disagree. Its a great trip for about 10 minutes, then you have a stoned feeling for about another hour. I have tried both Salvia based tinactures or smoked it raw leaf and different "x's". Have you tried any?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

I also agree with viking, take a trip break for a few days to get it out of your system. Otherwise when you trip "too soon" you'll hardly effects.

first off i will admitt i have no first hand experiance but from some of the reviews i read and from some of the comments i have gotten from people in the dam, mostly the intense but short trip, i hesitate to use the word trip, some people told me it was more of a body high, of course those were the same people who did not like the taste at all. just if i have the choice while in amsterdam i will skip the salvia and stick to the shrooms maybe a button or two. when i was younger it might have been a different story. two or three of the reviews clearly stated they would never do that stuff again. i respect your opinion but for me i would not consider it.
I can understand the age thing, and the taste is an aquired thing. Its good if you don't want to trip for a few hours and if you just want to "chill". The highs I've had from HQ salvia have always been highly visual and audio. Taken in conjunction with a HQ tinacture its even better. I Thank you for your follow up post.
i went to concious dreams twice over the summer and the only kind they had was mexicans on both occasions. The guy was nice enough but when i asked him where i could find some hawaiians he said at the time they were very difficult to find. i then walked a few blocks to some random tiny smart shop and they had plenty of hawaiians and every other kind as well. hope this helps.
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