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Mango weed

Just got the coreflood trojan today, despite updates Norton Antivirus and Firewall, as well as all Windows security updates.
First time anything made it past. Real PITA to get rid of, as well.

Be careful out there!
Its not dead yet. I just got one this afternoon from Puffin13. We've never exchanged email addys so I know its bogus. There was no attatchment and the subject was:AIE 6.0 patch.

So far today I have received emails from four forum members, rather I should say, from someone using their names (Blueberry, Puffin13, Confuzen etc.). These emails have had a .exe file or in one case a "lesbianphotos.bat" file attached. I had the good sense to contact Blueberry to find out if she had sent this to me; She had not. The other emails soon followed. I am not sure what is going on here but I strongly urge you, should this happen to you, not to open any "application" files unless you asked for them or are very sure of the source! Has this happened to anyone else? Bas is there anything we can/should do about this as it is using information from our Channels profiles.
My virus software detected Malware.worm_KLEZ.H

Could this be it?

I have been getting weird emails all day, but I have not opened any of them.. I have deleted at least 10 just today alone, it has been happening a lot over the last couple of days.

Don't know what's going on, but I havent sent any emails so Bo I have no idea how that happened. I am trippin'........

I've gotten 3 emails I didn't recognize today, the only one I can recall was from eatonbush and the subject was about a new store. None of them had attachments but the file size was quite large each time. Oh yeah, another was from tazamaz or something like that and the subject was "Oct. 8th 2002 09" which means nothing to me. All were deleted without being opened. I got 17 or 18 of the last wave in my Bulk email box, one of which was "wicked screensaver", a known troublemaker. Again, all were deleted without being opened.

Received a couple virus attachments at the coffeeshopcrawl.com email address on Saturday. I just updated all my virus software a week ago and glad that I did.
The senders did not use any recognizable channelite names though.
This probably has nothing to do with those e-mail oddities, but.....

Twice in the last week an attempt to hack into my PC occured... using a trojan horse software program.. while the PC was offline, with phone internet dialout line connected, but off, as is usual.

The firewall program restriced the hack attempt and notified me. Have had this software program for three years... these two recent hack attempts are the only hack attempts that have occured.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

Herr Ashcroft?

:-) Dogbreath
Nothing on my main email accounts, but I use a program called Black Ice which works very well. It's actually recommended by the Microsoft website. I'll check the other accounts as soon as I type this.
Twice in the last week an attempt to hack into my PC occured... using a trojan horse software program..
The firewall program restriced the hack attempt and notified me. Have had this software program for three years... these two recent hack attempts are the only hack attempts that have occured.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.
:-) Dogbreath

My Norton has been picking up hack attempts on mine too, a LOT over the past couple of weeks, same thing - it keeps saying a trojan horse or something. My firewall keeps blocking it, thank goodness.... I just dont understand all this crap!!

Probably all related to virus and worm activity on the net. Most of these programs automatically post to all addresses in the infected PC's address book. The worms attempt to infect computers automatically via the net using recently discovered bugs in the computers Operating System.

Best bet is to use a personal firewall e.g. Tiny Personal Firewal, Zonealarm etc, anti-virus software and to keep up to date with virus signatures and patches from your computer Operating System vendor.

A good site for tracking what's going in is Symantec Response Centre:

Sounds more like a personal attack on BO. Some clown with more time than brains could just scan channels for the e-mail address and then use something like Advanced SMTP Server to fake the sender's address.

Any enemies BO?
I've got a few from Confuzen, and he's never mailed me before so I doubt I'm in his e-mail contact list. They've all had the same title. My Norton SW catches everything so I'm not really worried about it.
No, no emenies that I know of except for the former "Rancher" who is, I am afraid a pubescent monkey spanker full of hot air and empry threats, LOL
USE A MAC! Nobody writes viruses for the MAC. It's the goddamned microsoft crime organization that they want to destroy. I have had a mac pc for a while now and even opened a few of them cans of worms, yet nothing has happened to my PC. Stay away from microsoft and you won't have to worry. Plus, no crashes.
My laptop was microsoft, but I now use the Linux program and have had no virus protection whatsoever and NO problems. My PC doesn't have any virus protection either.

2 cents from a monoploy hater!

Peace and may no virus ever come to you!
Right on seouleast-Mac viruses basically do not exist. The new operating system is virtually crashproof and the macs run faster in most programs. Organizing digital material is easier and making presentations is better. If you want top end, the new G5 is cheaper and much faster than any PC!
Too bad all of my expensive programs (years worth) are for PC not MAC
I also have many pc only programs. They run great on virtual pc, a software program that lets me run windows inside my mac environment.
Happy smokers. Does anyone know where I can get hold of some "mango" weed while in the 'Dam? I've heard people talking nicely about this strain. I think it got the 3'rd place in last years Cannabis Cup for best indica strain. Any coffeeshops offering this goodie?

Keep it green!
there was no weed called mango in last years cannabis cup, at least not one that was entered. didn't see any mango in amsterdam, lot's of blueberry but no mango. really though the name means nothing, ive smoked alot of dam weed and it's all good if you ask for the goods.
check the knowledge base for "Somango". I think I remember someone commenting on it a while ago. If it's a "Soma" strain I would think that it is more likely a sative, but what do I know?\\
dampkring is your best bet.

what about ice?
i have never seen(pic) of any weed so pretty! it looks like an alien form of the stuff.
where can i fined it and is it as good as it looks?
also i would like some weed with red hairs, ive tried most of the stuff on the noon online menue at home but iv had red hairs only once and thestuff was the 2nd best thing iv ever smoked
like to try something like that again.
grey haze...grey area


artic sun....taken at cannabis college


dr. (Ka-Vor-Key-Un)...dr. death.....private grower


i forgot wich one this is, i think it was super silver haze


hash museum grow room


good luck and have fun............peace
patrick I have to say that private grower bud has my mouth watering drouling down on the keyboard, my body numb and lifeless.

Too bad it isn't scratch and sniff I might pass out.
I can't help thinking about the SNL skit "Mango":


For those in the US: "You can no a have da Mango!"
"Can you know the mighty ocean? Can you lasso a star from the sky? Can you say to a rainbow, "Hey, stop being a rainbow for a second?" No, such is Mango."
Ben Whofleck???
Mango is Chris Kattan...

"Can you catch a falling star without burning your hand? Can you put the sky in your mouth? Can you say to an earthquake...'Hey hold still for a Second'? No! Such is Mango!"
I think you are replying to me...
Ben Whofleck is a quote from Mango. It's from his skit with Ben Afleck
Pretty obscure but when I see Ben...I think Whofleck everytime
OK, I gotcha...

"Mango is like a drug. You must have more and more and more of the Mango until there is no Mango left. Not even for Mango!"
Its nice to see so many other couch potatoes out there. To get back to the thread, Somango was the only "mango" bud I saw last time over and it was at Dampkring. Didn't try it though.
I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.....could someone please explain ?

Just curious.

It's a skit from Saturday Night Live...a show here in the US. Chris Kattan plays Mango.
Thanks for the info.

Katan makes me hit the remote channel changer faster than a "female itch" cream commercial!
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