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Value for Money

Andros the brave dixit:

Here goes another example.


An clear explanation about the quotes. An example in english:

Well whatever the quotes are, funny, amusing or relevant they are not! Can you stop doing it please as it is very annoying.
Hi all.
I'm a call operator and I'm feeling a bit tired of this rutine.
I need some action and I wouldn't mind being available for girls, hungry of flesh.
Is there any chance I display myself for money sit by the window as the red light district girls do? Is this kind of service available these days?

I haven't got any previous experience and I would need to get in contact with the right person.
Contact details anyone?

You might get hit on by some gays but I doubt seriously that you will find single women cruising the RLD looking to PAY for sex. If you wish to donate your services, your chances aren't much better. Most ladies in the RLD not there for professional ventures are with a boyfriend/husband.


I have seen quite a few posts recently with very, very long words ending in dot com from different guests and wondered what they were or there meaning?

Just asking.

They are all quotes from a book in different languages all supposed to be common and maybe funny.

They are all quotes from a book in different languages all supposed to be common and maybe funny.


Thanks for the insight but what does the above quote mean in english?
Is it perhaps a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?? haha

No really.
But just think the quotes are selected at random so they are too many to be translated.
Anyway, I can tell you it's not only me, some other is posting quotes the same way too.

Si comprendez. You are doing great. How is your madre?

As matter of facts:

What can I realistically expect to get for my 50 euros? Should I be able to expect the girl to be naked and be able to touch her tits and arse? Do I have to pay extra to change positions?
That really varies with the girl. Be sure to ask BEFORE you pay. Generally, 50 Euros buys 15 minutes. Most should get completely undressed and will allow some fondling.
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