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Four great days

Howdy, all. I just wanted to pass along a quick trip report for a long weekend in Amsterdam.

Day 1:

Left Dulles airport (Virginia) about an hour late due to weather outside of NY/NJ area, but we made it up in flight, arrived in AMS only 10 minutes later than scheduled. A major bonus was that I had an empty seat on
either side of me, so I could spread out and stretch my legs - very nice.

Popped into the Coin right down the street from Baba and The Greenhouse Effect (force of habit - I always go to the Coin because it was the 1st place I found open early, I guess) and had a pre-rolled of something I can't remember the name of that tasted a little moldy but did the job, had me buzzing nicely by 8:30 AM. I popped into Baba to use the Internet terminal, which is nice and cheap - 50 cents for 5 minutes to drop a quick note home/check mail, etc. is very handy. Jumped on the train to Den Haag and went to the M.C. Escher museum and strolled about town taking pictures. Mid-70's, sunny, basically a beautiful day. The best part of the museum, IMHO, was the "proof-of-concept" pieces that were on display where you could see an idea in progress. Also interesting was that most of his works were wood carvings, not drawings as I had thought.

Cruised back into Amsterdam and headed to De Kuil for some Amstel and smokeables. I forgot all about the little paddle they use to scrape off the top of the beer - does anyone know the history behind this activity? Got some Blueberry for 7 euro/g, thought it was pretty good but not as special as I had remembered. Tried some Shiva next, 7.50 euro/g. It was ab-so-lutely delicious! I then ventured into some Red Moroc hash to put on the Blueberry, yummy. Nice and smooth, very "happy" buzz. I though it was funny that you hear of folks putting tobacco on the weed to make it burn better, and I wound up using hash (only in Amsterdam!). Met up with Paige around 5:00, had a really nice chat for quite some time. Off to Betty Boop and work on my supplies and chat with my wife back home, then back to De Kuil for more brew and smoke.

Day 2:

Got up and headed to the Noon over by the museums to meet another Channelite, bought 2 g's Blueberry for 14 euro, nice price for good-looking weed, but again, the flavor I remember (Feb. 2002) was missing. Unforseen circumstances prevented my Channelite meeting, and I was off to the Van Gogh museum. I really lucked out as there was only 6 people in each ticket line and I actually picked the right one. By the time I got my ticket, the same person was still at the front of the other line, and when I left the lines were HUGE. This is still one of favorite museums, no doubt...to see the actual painting of the prints you've seen so many times is a real treat. Headed back across town and stopped at Damprking for some Alegria (sp?) and Budda's Sister. The Alegria was supposed to be all Sativa but had that funky Haze taste, which I'm not too fond of, and I couldn't smoke it. I gave it to the barmaid at De Kuil when I got there, but the Budda's Sister was sooooo tasty. I think about 8 euro/g each. Had a great cheese toasty and glass of fresh-squeezed OJ while in Dampkring, great way to start the day. I think I wqent back to the room and cerashed for a bit, then went out to take some pics. Later in the evening tried some Greenhouse Special (real tasty) from Greenhouse Effect and some AK-47 from Dampkring, pretty heavy stone weed for sure, but the Pavarti cream I got at De Kuil was a great head-smacker. I rolled out a thin piece and put it in the middle of my doober and POW! Now that's getting stoned! Lovely stuff, 12.50 euro/g, I think.

Day 3:

Went to Zaltbommel after stopping in De Kuil for a wake-and-bake. It's amazing how many little plastic bags you can accumulate in an evening... The festival was nice, but not "blues" as I would consider it - old Beatles, some Elvis, mostly rockabilly / later 50's / early 60's rock-and-roll, no Chicago / Delta / Texas blues at all. The bands were good at what they did, but not what I was expecting. Very pretty town, though, and nice folks. Cruised back to Amstedam and ran into Paige on her way to the cannibus college, I was off to Betty Boop to IM with Liz back home. Stopped in De Kuil afterwards, met up with a girl from the UK and a guy from Australia who were very engaging. We tried the vaporizer - kinda wierd 'cause it's not "hot" smoke, but very effective. These folks could drink! I mean, I'd turn around, have an inch or two out of my beer, and the dude was like "mate, need a brew?". We hung out for a long time, drinking beers, hitting the vaporizer and puffing away, although they didn't puff too much on my "just weed" doobie, they were mixing with tobacco. Once their buddy arrived from Heathrow, we had some more brews, another vaporizer bag and they were off. They suggested Budvar and Staropromen if I found them, both Czech beers, but I forgot to look for them while out-and-about.

Day 4:

Woke up to another beautiful day, decided to head to Haarlem for some pics and lunch. It is such a pretty place, I would highly suggest a daytrip from Amsterdam if possible, as it's well worth the visit. Went over to Dampkring, got some Mountaintop hash (expensive) and some White Widow, rolled them up and smoked away. Nice smoke, but not as kick-ass as I had thought, especially after the price of the hash. Took lotsa pictures in Haarlem, was going to try and find some coffeeshops but knew I had plenty of supplies to go through already in my pocket. A nice treat was that while eating lunch in a cafe, the "house cat" jumped in my lap and lied down and joined my for lunch, that was great. Went back to Amsterdam in the evening, bought some more Shiva nd Pavarti from De Kuil and met up with a couple more Brits, talked and shot pool while puffin' away, nice guys. The music, unfortunately, was pretty weak at times in De Kuil - older Beatles, not very rockin' for long stretches of time, kinda missed to omnipresent Zappa.

Day 5:

Rolled the mother of all fatties from all my leftover supplies and went to Baba for a last Chocomel and some dance music. It is SUCH a bummer, that last day when you know the parties over and already start thinking about the next time back. Flight was a total breeze, was home before I knew it, and the nicest capper to the whole weekend was that when I finally cleared customs and the extended-parking shuttle, I got in my car, checked the clock and it was 4:20! Luckily, I had a treat stashed just for the occasion, so I fired it up and my drive back home was nice and relaxed.

To recap, my favorites for the weekend were definately (in order): Shiva (De Kuil), Buddah's Sister (Dampkring), Special (Greenhouse Effect), White Widow (Dampkring), AK-47 (Dampkring) and the Pavarti Cream hash from De Kuil. I tried others but these are all that come to mind right now. All in all, another great vacation in my favorite place on earth. Nice folks, great smoke and the most beautiful women anywhere (and I don't mean that in a leering sort of way; they're just naturally beautiful). Can't wait for March/April when we go back for our 15th anniversary, it'll be here before I know it.
Very nice,
I share your sentiments about the last day being a bummer.
Baba's close proximity to Central Station makes it an ideal place to finish one's stash before taking that sad last ride to Schiphol .
I'm sitting here, and I can just taste that final Chocomel, which IMHO blows a YooHoo away. http://www.popsoda.com/chocomel.html
Thanks for sharing.
great report glad you had such a good time, i envy you being so close to amsterdam. thanks again for the report.
Glad You had a blast StemsnSeeds, and made it back okay.
Yeah, that Coin&Sower is a really cool double shop, so to speak. I have only been in one time, but can't wait for my next trip...

Really loved your favorites list.. Ah, the green green Ghanja...
Wished I could have smoked one with you.
Best Regards,
Nice report, sounds like an excellent 4 day trip. If I lived on the east coast I'd be there more often for sure. I agree with your choice of Shiva also. It was one of my highlights last spring and look forward to it being just as strong and tasty next trip over. From what I've been reading, the best Blueberry in town right now is at Old Style in prepackaged bags. Thanks for sharing the report.

Stems, I'll be there the last week of March.
Flight was a total breeze, was home before I knew it, and the nicest capper to the whole weekend was that
when I finally cleared customs and the extended-parking shuttle, I got in my car, checked the clock and it was 4:20!
Luckily, I had a treat stashed just for the occasion, so I fired it up and my drive back home was nice and relaxed. ""

haha, i hope my trip can end the same way.
(somonth, ignore the new name)
thanks for the fine report, you really packed in some nice activities for a short stay.
Great report. Nice to know things are the same as I left them a few months ago. :^)
Thanks for all the nice comments, folks. I just had to report on a funny/scary situation.

I finally got around to empying out my backpack, took out the last of the laundry from the bottom and here comes this big 'ole doobie rolling out from somewhere. I had absolutely NO idea where this came from. I mean, I know it's mine, but I was so sure (as I always do) that I got rid of everything before heading to Schiphol. Coulda been very embassing if they decided to take a peek, I mean, it wasn't hidden or anything, just lying there in the bottom of the pack. Of course, I can laugh about it now...
Whew, That could have been sticky...
Glad to see all is well.
BTW, you are going to smoke it aren't you???
Well, Yes.
That happens more often than you would think
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