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Nov 7 without reservations- Bad idea? Hostel commnts welcome

Does anyone think its a horrid idea for my friend and I to arrive Nov 7 without reservations anywhere?
Does anyone have hostel warnings/recommendations?
Worst case scenario, go to the VVV they will find a vacancy.
I would not reccomend going to another country without having somewhere booked to stay. I hope that you find somewhere anyway. There are loads of places to stay in Amsterdam.
Hotels are always heavily booked for weekends, and you are arriving on a Friday. Spending a weekend in amsterdam is popular with folks from euro countries. Lucky dogs.

If it were me, I'd reserve a room before arrival.

Otherwise, as Bo suggested, the VVV tourist office is the way to find a room on very short notice. If Amsterdam is fully booked when you arrive without reservation, VVV will find you a room in Haarlam, a short train ride away.

:-) Dogbreath
Amsterdam is slammed on the weekends... I would call like the flying pig or another hostel.... All the english crazies fill that town up on the weekends.... So I would try to reserve something... Or take a train to Rotterdam or Haarlem... Short train ride Like an Hour... Cheeper rooms and not as packed.... So good luck Ladies-----J
You could try Hotel Muzeumsicht. Its clean and relatively cheap.
If you can get the double room on the top floor, its great.. but theres only one bathroom for the floor. The hotel is rite across the tramline from the Rijksmuseum, so its very accessable.
We were lucky enough to get the reservation with only 3 days advance, but I would call ahead if it was me.
After 3 years in exile, I will be in A'dam 11/4-11/11 but Ive booked a deluxe hotel this time(can't wait)
I'd definitely advise booking ahead. The thing is, us Brits know which are the nice places so all the good rooms get booked up first. Hope you have a blast.
Blondie, I'd be shitting myself to be honest but I am getting to old for all that sort of thing. Book somewhere at least for your first night and have a ball!

Love Foxie.
Hmmm, rooms 9, 10 & 12 are all doubles on the top
floor of Hotel Museumzicht. 8, 9 & 14 are singles. (There
is no room 13.)
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