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Bad News for exchange rate: Dollar Continues Its Slide

By years end it may reach the $1.25 mark. Good Domestically in the long run, not good for us American travelers. This is a 20% loss on our spending money. This sucks!

Oct 8th, 2003

The dollar sank to its lowest level since Nov. 2000 before firming slightly to 109.93 yen per dollar, down from 111 on Monday. Meanwhile, the euro hit a three-month high against the dollar, trading as high as $1.1813, not far off its record level of $1.1933 in late May. And Canada's dollar, the loonie, hit a seven-year high against the greenback.

if it goes that high with the exchange fee we will lose closer to 30 percent, if that does happen i will have to postpone my trip, its not worth an extra 25-30 percent IMHO.
Not sure what you mean, Patrick. What exactly do you mean by an 'extra 25-30 percent'?
maybe a poor choice of words, what i mean is that when i exchange a 100 dollar bill and only end up with 75 or so euro, its too much of a loss for me to rationalize.
But ?75 goes a lot farther in Amsterdam than $100 goes in New York, I don't know about Houston. You can not get a hotel in New York under $100 and for that you would be staying in a right shithole with a shared bathroom. Plus things like meals and attractions are more expensive.

Look at it this way, if you went to England and you could get an exchange rate of $1.25 to a pound, that would represent a great savings for you, yet you would still recieve 75 quid for your $100.

I'm not saying 'YOU HAVE TO GO IMMEDIATELY!' but I think it's best not to wait around for things like exchange rates to change or you'll never go.
Not only does the Euro suck but it looks like many of the small hotels I like have gone up. Kap went from @37 two years ago to 49 now. The Brouwer was leass that 40 for a single two years ago it is now 50 euro, and it goes on and on.

What does this mean...nothing. I will spend wisely and I will enjoy my hours walking around the city (for free) and I will buy 5 gram specials and herring sandwiches.

Even with a good exchange rate, if I went during the summer months I would be spending a heck of a lot more.

you can get a nice/decent hotel room in a major chain for less then 100 dollars a night in houston. i eat cheap even when i am on vacation. it all adds up, i always go on a budget and i figure my budget in american dollars.
You...excuse me, I mean I...have to look you bargains when there. Eat out less, for one and get an apartment with a friend instead of going to any hotel.

I'm with you, Patrick. As much as I want to go, it's just too expensive for me right now. 300E last year cost me about $265. Today, 300E is something like $360. That's drastic.

Doc - something happened when they went from guilders to euros. The prices are way up. My room at the Kap was around $35 in 2000.

Coffee (as in Perla Mokka from AH) still comes out to $2.50 for a 250 gram bag. You're not going to find coffee of that quality anywhere in the US. Chocolate is still a bargain too. Train travel is also cheap. For about 30E, I spent the day making a circle between Utrecht, Rotterdam and Haarlem.

I suppose if I was there, I'd go to the flea markets for things to bring back instead of the stores.

Anyone there, I hope you have a great time. Spend freely if ya got it. Don't skimp on the gear.
You can blame Bush & Blair for that.
You said it all steek. Too bad they dont realize it and keep spending money on this pointless war that hasnt got us anywhere at all except in a deeper hole.

Folks, I'm afraid the US $ will continue to buy less of the euro, pound, yen and so forth at least through next year. This, as you might have guessed, is due to Bush's re-election policy. A US $ that keeps falling against other countries' currencies means that US goods will be cheaper for other countries to buy, which will postpone the final collapse of US manufacturing until after the 2004 election.
Plus, a US $ losing value against other currencies means that other countries' holdings in US stocks, bonds and especially the US national debt are worth less to those other countries, too. If the dollar loses TOO much value, than other countries won't invest in US debt and stocks...unless they are paid more interest...which means a higher US interest rate...which means recession or depression in the US.
Gee, I'm spreading good cheer around, aren't I? In a nutshell, I think that although there will be ups and downs, the US $ is worth more NOW than it will be as we go through next year.
Devaluing the dollar is already a heavy hit on US travelers abroad. What I'm afraid of is that it's going to get worse in the coming year.
300 Euro cost me $380 this week. It sucks!!
You should change banks. They should not be charging you $1.26 if the published exchange rate is $1.18. They are ripping you off at a time when you're paying out the arse. Get rid of them.
Fuck. I'll be waiting it out. In March I'll just have to deal with the current rates. Hopefully they it won't be too bad. I can deal with 1.20 but sheesh!!

If you want to play the currency rate game, and are truly concerned about it being $.10 - $.15 worse in 3 months, then buy Euros now.
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