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nepalese temple ball

Hi Guys,

Can someone point me in the direction of a good coffee shop that sells nepalese temple balls?

I am there next sunday for a week, and I would love to get some "honest" hash

Temple balls are seasonable. They may be in town or not. An excellent place to try would be the Kashmir Lounge.

Jan Pieter Heijenstraat 85

Tram 17 from Centraal Station stops at the Kinkerstraat end of JP Heijenstraat closest to Kashmir. Tram 1 stops at the opposite end of the street on Overtoom

I've seen them listed at Dutch Flowers as well. That's located on the Singel canal near Spui.
The very best that I found was at Willie Wortel's Sinsimilla across from the train station in Haarlem. I got the first slice off a baseball sized temple ball, yum!
Is there anything closer to the Centre?

What is the season for a temple ball?


Barneys had an excellent Temple Balls when I was there a couple months back.
I'll second that on the temple ball from Willie wortels haarlem. I'm toking on some from their right now (the station one - 10.50 1g) & its quality

The buzz creeps up on you about half way thru a biff, once it settles into your head timeseems to go a lot slower
i got some in amnesia for 9 eros

it was good

& I prefer weed
what is temple ball? where is it from?
Black Hash, Nepal.
O.K. fellow channelites..I'd be carefull with any black hash or blond hash with black streals running through it. While stationed in Spain in the late 1970's we were told (By the Morrocans (sp) ) that the black streaks in the Morrocan blond hash was OPIUM which is as you should know a VERY addictive opiate....but enjoy it but don't over indulge in the black stuff. (to be on the safe side) ADDICTION SUCKS especially if you go where the stuff you have become addicted to isn't available!
I've heard that rumour several times and it pops up on here occasionally but you would be very hard-pressed to find black hash which has been adulterated with opium now from coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Some people are wrongly assuming that the color of black hash is due to the opium in it. I have smoked plenty of real opium over the years and the distinctive sweet taste would be very hard to miss if you were smoking it mixed with hash. I have also smoked shitloads of black hash in Amsterdam and if you were smoking opiated hash in any real quantities and you happened to miss the telltale taste and smell, you would probably figure it out in the morning when you wake up with the chills and shakes you'd get from the withdrawal symptoms.
And hash laced with opium is a bad thing for what reason again??

Sign me up!... Coffeeshop who/what/where? 8^)
Can you score Opium in Amsterdam with relative ease? Can you purchase it from a Mushroom shop? If not the final product, can you purchase actual opium poppy flower seeds?
Always wondered about "opiated hash". Seems like usually it is said about Afghani or Paki hash, countries which grow indica type plants. Indica is a much sleepier, more "narcotic" high. Black hash as a whole seems to be sleepier. Nepalese is a Sativa though, is it not? Anyone know of any CHEMICAL ANALYSIS of any hash, any time, which showed up opiates?

"The very best that I found was at Willie Wortel's Sinsimilla across from the train station in Haarlem"

Anybody who REALLY has been to the Willie Wortel Coffeeshop by the train station knows that it is the Willie Wortel Sativa.
OK, I got the name wrong, that means that I have never been there? What an ass!
(un) Pax

"The very best that I found was at Willie Wortel's Sinsimilla across from the train station in Haarlem"

Anybody who REALLY has been to the Willie Wortel Coffeeshop by the train station knows that it is the Willie Wortel Sativa.

Agree Bohannon....

Useless comments like the above serve no purpose other then to demonstrate what a royal ass the character is. Of course, the unknowledgeable ass probably is not aware that the name of that coffee shops was changed a year or two ago.

I too would like to know about the 'seasonal' aspect. I am going in a little over four weeks and I would be quite sad if I did not have the opportunity to try some.

It has been at the fore of my desire when thinking of what I would like to try.

I've heard about them for years, even saw a very interesting and memorable article in High Times many years ago which told about them and showed how they are made...basically rubbing fresh resinated buds between the palms until a thick dark resin paste builds up on them, which is then scraped off and rolled into a ball shape.
Many photos documenting this were in the article, and it has always been my intention to try some if EVER the opportunity presented itself.

I may be mistaken...and some of you more knowledgable regulars please correct me...but I would think they are more from an Indica strain...

Grey Area (Oude Leilestraat - 'bout 5 mins from Dam Square) had temple ball in there about 4 weeks ago, as well as lots of other lovely stuff including Kif. They call it 'nepalese shoe' or 'soles' (not 'Golden Soles' - that's the morrocan) - v. nice if pricey (think it was 12.50 a gram).

Also try Dampkring for the Sherazade (forgive spelling) - not strictly temple ball but if you like a bit of nepalese this stuff will dust your broom very nicely.

I'd better not say too much else in case I make a mistake and the thought police who patrol this site will accuse me of never having been.

Happy smoking!
have a look at them here...


Thanks to all the customers in this forum, weither it is in Indica, Sativa or Sinsemilla!
Looks good to me Nol. Me and Our Peg will be in Haarlem for 4 days at the end of Feb, and will check out all 3 shops! After 10 months of smoking nothing but the shite Rocky we get over here, I can't wait to get some decent hash in my gills!!!!!
Peace Des.
Oh man, those are some nice pictures to wake up to. All that hash looks soooo tasty. I really like the Yin Yan impressions on there. Those look like some good ones to take me through into the New Year. Blueberry and I will have to see if there are any of those around when we invade Haarlem and the Workshops on December 30th.
Damn! Looks like I might have to make it to Haarlem after all! I didn't know who Nol was, but from the post, looks like the Willie Wortels tri shops?
Damn, those pics are making harder for me to wait. Gotta stop looking at them. I think I will look at this string once I am in the Dam. That way, I can roll a fat spliff and say "I AM smoking what I am looking at"!

Peace Nol! Will do to spend some Euros in your shops!

I´ll try to make it to Haarlem for NewYear, would be nice to hook up with BB and Randy again...Great tokers indeed!
Nol, I have been to all three of your shops, they are all wonderful and great places to hang out. Really clean shops with top notch gear and plenty of room. All are 5-Star places (IMHO)
One thing I would like to ask if I could.??? Who's idea was it to mark the toilet entrances with underwear in the Sativa Coffeeshop?
Goodness, I loved that and it was such a nice touch... Those pinkish panties with the black trim were just beautiful man.
From the lingerie enthusiast, I can say it is so sweet to look up and see such a wonderful sight. They were so pretty I could have worn them as a hat (How Sweet.)...LOL...

Oh yeah, in response to the original thread topic Stix Coffeeshop also has that Nepalese Hash.
Sounds like you hit the wrong head man, LOL
Normally you would think that...
However, I am not normal and in the grand concept of "lick and/or stick" I was 'stuck', so to speak, in the 'lick' concept. So, my aim was perfect...LOL...
Just a few weeks ago, I got yummy Temple Ball at Dutch Flowers....10?
Well Yes Nol, I am going to be in Holland over the New Year and I will definitely be coming to Haarlem... Yep,,, DedBud, I, and others will be making our Haarlem debut on December 30, I can't wait! It would be wonderful to see you again Nol as I missed you on my last two visits (in July and September) and Maruska as well, please tell her I said 'Hello'. I just wonder,,, Will you even Recognize Me? ... as I look very different now!

It is such an honor to be called 'a great toker' by the Greatest Toker of All ;) Thanks! And the honor would be even greater to Toke With You Again!! Hope to see you there...

And I wanted to send a special shout-out for pointing me to this thread, as I have been away from the board for some time. But now, I am Back!


BTW.. LH... You Ain't Right Man :)) LOL,,, I was thinking I took a pic of you standing under those panties, How Sweet! HEHE, but my mind is still hazey (well we know it was a StellaBlue haze, HeHe) as to whether I actually did or not???
You guys really crack me up! I feel sooo fortunate to have found this site as I prepare for my FIRST trip to the magical city.

Nol, I've wanted to come to Haarlem and visit your shop--after such great reviews by LastHamlet and Blueberry I feel I have to--as well as the Frans Hals museum. I am a big fan of 'Golden Age' art. Those Dutch 'little masters' are reknowned for their landscapes. I am also a big fan of hash, and your site about the visit to the Moonfisher in Copenhagen is a definite eye-opener.

Man that 75 gram hash joint is really something!!!

Have you seen that one as well LH? Yeeeooowww!!!

Cheers to you all...

Sorry guys...just to clear up my previous post: I was referring to the "glow in the dark apple," Nol! Sorry!

The 75 gram hash joint was from Werner's site. 60 people smoked on it for 3 hours...

That was what I ment to say.

Please don't hold it against me, for in all the excitement one occasionally gets one's wires crossed...=^)

Sorry all,

brandx, I noticed in a post further up that you are planning to be there in a little over four weeks,,, So when exactly are your dates??? I will be there from the 29th of December til the 8th of January, maybe we can hook up and blaze a few together. I already have plans to hook up with several other Channelites while I am there and you are welcome to join in on the festivities!

Let me know,

BTW,,, have you seen my Virtual Tourist pages on Amsterdam and Haarlem???
Hey Blueberry! Of course I've seen your site. Thanks for the help you've given to so many of us. Your 'crawl' with LH and dannymac was the icing on the cake for me.

Alas, I will be there the second half of January, from the 15th thru the 27th. Man what timing: So close, yet as far away as the moon!

Would you believe that I'd originally planned to go the first two weeks of Jan., but the airfare I scored was just too irresistable?

What luck...

What I could really use BB is some first-hand info from either you or LH on how to make sure I am seen on the Siberie webcam. How do I access the site? A previous post relating to this didn't seem to be much help for me, and it will be my first experience. I'd like it if friends and channelites
could see me in a state of heightened consciousness. LOL

Yeah, the 75 g's in one joint. Humm, I relinquish my title for good...LOL...

I'll help you BrandX, What you do is go to the Siberie Coffeeshop on Brouwersgracht, say around 9:00 PM or 10:00 PM AMS time. Now it will be 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM here on the east coast USA at that time. Buy your weed at the counter and then look to your left. You will see a 'Giant Eye' lighted billboard. The table you want to sit at is the one under that 'Eye'. The camera is in the corner, above the computer. Get on the end of the table away from the camera. Then grab you a stool from the stack against the wall, if not already out for you. Then roll one up and puff away....
But, first.. buy some internet time at the counter and post on the coffeeshop board and tell people you are puffing up in Siberie.... Hopefully, Banks and BOhannon will call you right about then. At least, that is how it happened to me.... What a Hoot it was to get two calls in Siberie Coffeeshop. Of course, the fellow at Siberie wondered how many Brothers I had..LOL...

You can get to their site from the channels main page, or this page for that matter. Click on the left link that says "A to Z"
Then, click on the coffeeshop word in the 4th category down, called "SHOP".
Then scroll down to Siberie and click on the word "Siberie". You will go to an intro page, to verify that you are 18, click yes and you will be at Siberie Intro. Watch intro then go to their home page,,, where you can click on the web camera itself.... Have a blast BrandX...
BTW, I would love to be able to meet up with you for a smoke, but it will be a while before I can return,,,,,,,,, SO, smoke one for me...
Best Regards,
Will do LastHamlet! I thank you very much for the help with the site.

These things are just a few of the details I am in the process of working out prior to my trip. I have to really thank all of you regulars for your insight and for the time you've taken to reply to this 'newbie.'

I take it you saw my last reply to your final trip report. The words are from the heart. Was not my intention to be too forward or too bold, just sharing my feelings about a theme to which I can truly relate.

Don't know about passing on your title...there is only one LastHamlet!

Waiting in anticipation,

WOW!! Last Hamlet, I cannot believe you actually made that post.
I agree w/ BB. " You ain't right". (LOL)
Now my only dilemma is whether to take you to bed or send you to Victoria's Secret. Or as you would say, "Can't we do both??" Still, you are funny as Hell. Love MM
just kidding, but I put them there myself, because the doors to the toilets are a little out of sight.

Hi Blueberry, maruska will be there as well, hope to toke together...
Nice touch Nol.
I have enjoyed two different trips, seeing those panties hanging there.
I owe you a big 'Thank You' Nol, cause those panties is Sweet.

No Problem BrandX, have a fantastic first journey and live it up...
Dam, it is so good to see Trekknhil and Blueberry back on the board. Wishing all the best,

Yes, "Both Indeed" MM.

How Sweet...
I once got some yummy temple ball at the piccasso. That's pretty close to the train station, near the begining of Haarlemmerstraat close to the Rokerij and the Doors, before you get to the Floyd and Barney's.
just kidding, but I put them there myself, because the doors to the toilets are a little out of sight.

Hi Blueberry, maruska will be there as well, hope to toke together...

High Nol, I can't wait to see you all again, I am soo excited about my upcoming trip. I hate I missed Marcel on my last visit,,, I sure hope to get to see him this time,,, Please tell him I said 'Hello' as well :))

Be Seeing You Soon Then....

OH and BTW,,, Maid Marian... If I were you, I'd definitely DO BOTH ;)

Take Care All,
Thanks for the encouragement Blueberry, but I'm still waiting on the Victoria's Secret Sojourn.............At least now I know where my black, white lace, and satin red "hats" have disappeared to. So much for the washing machine eating them. It's good to see you posting again.... Take care and keep smiling ...............................................................

MM,,, THAT was funny as Hell:))

You Take Care as well,
nepalese temple balls,go to the 420 cafe 5 min from Central Station
Try Barneys for the temple balls last time i had some found it to be excellent hash!!
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