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Experience the great A'Dam...

Hey all, I've been reading the forum and love it! 3 weeks from now I be on my 1st visit and enjoying the sites of A'Dam with my the love of my life. Our visit will be short but I'm excited nonetheless. I've done so much research on the Internet and have a ton of things I want to do.....but first thing's first.....I've got to experience the coffeeshop!
Welcome to the board, alotta:)

You're first trip to the Dam will always be special.
We all know you're going to love it!!

Have fun!

As I have commented in previous years, visiting Amsterdam can be habit forming.

:-) Dogbreath
hehe, correctomundo, Dogbreath:)
First hit the town in 1995 and I'm heading over for
my 12th visit soon.
Yes, I think we are planning a yearly habit......LOL!
Just so you know, there's no known permanent cure. The obsession will continue to rear its ugly head! LOL!!!
Yes, I agree with you all so much.
I seem to have gotten another monkey on my back too - spending way too much time here at www.channels.nl
I first went in October of 98-I'll be touching down for my 7th visit this winter. I went to other places also (New Orleans, Vancouver,Vegas) but with a cheap airfare and a $35 room at the Quentin the Dam was usually the best value of any vacation I could imagine. With the weak dollar it may not be as cheap , and traveling with my wife makes the $35 room out of the question, but it will still be a great vacation.
Welcome to the forum, alotta. Couldn't agree more with the folks above, Amsterdam is indeed habit forming (15th trip since Sept. 99 next week).

Love your avitar...
Greetings and welcome!! Be sure to read the past posts about favorite shops and make sure to visit them and avoid the tourist traps. there are many wonderful shops and I am sure you will become addicted to the City as I am. My favorites are: deKuil...the Bluebird..Het Baloonetje and the Sativa shop in Haarlem..There are many others that are great and each has their own preference so explore and enjoy!!
You cant beat that coffeeshop feeling and the first time you ask for the menu and the first time you see that menu ... unbelieveable...
and the feeling never goes away...
Thanks so much to everyone and their wonderful tips. I'm really looking foward to the trip...17 days and counting! Everyone's been so nice, it's refreshing! I will be sure to post my thoughts and experience about my first trip and share some photos. Take care....

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