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Utrecht weed report

Hey everyone,
I know Otis usually posts on the "scene" in Utrecht
I will add a few notes to his fine work as we see different areas of the city
So here are some reviews from the fine old city of dual level canals:
I frequent the No Name as it has a good atmosphere IMHO

NoName- Kali Mist -same as in A'dam nice strong and well cured many trichomes visible..

Sarasani-Super Hawaii -Nice smooth herb , tasty but not real skunky good for a mixer weed ( got 2.50 free for buying 10e)

No Name- Maleyoloe (not sure of spelling) -A smooth strong indica very similar in stone to grey mist but the buds are far less dense and kind of dry

No Name -Santa Maria - a new menu choice still very moist and hard to puff in a j but great taste and a pretty good kick typical sativa but so fresh it smelled like my lawn definitely needed to dry more

Andersom -White widow - standard fare white widow just a little cheaper than a'dam did get a nice bud for 10e

No Name -Moon Flower -nice smooth great tasting weed almost like cotton candy well cured but not too strong a perfect weed if you have things to do VERY crystalized and left the bag looking like it originally had kief in it


NoName -Zweef - crystals just like grey mist crystals if GMC gets a 10 then Zweef is a 9 and only 5e a gram!! they did run out on me though
but it is my fav additive if i cant get to a'dam highly recommended

Andersom -Nepali - good black hash not too soft but excellent flavor and nice high good deal as i usually favor lighter hashes i think it was 0.7 g for 5e !

Black And White - Ice Hash - soft greenish hash it looked more like skuff and had a soft crumbly texture like skuff not very strong at all i was kind of disappointed

No Name - Super Polm- nice strong hash a little harsh but really stony
brittle and medium brown colored sort of my every day hash

most places here have weed and hash available in 5e increments ...good for taste testing.. depending on the quality you usually get 0.6 to 1 g for 5e

I will report further as time allows and try to include pix if possible (I have digital cam but Otis is way better at photographing gear than me)

Until next report ,
Nice report Weezil. I can see I need to get out more... :-)

hehe I know what you mean Otis
when I had no internet and cable TV here at the apartment i didn't spend much time here
hence I spent a lot of time "shopping"
now i can sit back and enjoy
Hello there smokeheads! How are you TWO?! We just got back yesterday. I will post a trip report in the next week. Had a great time meeting you guys!

hey like wise seoul
if you are in town again do let me know and I will make a better showing
and bring more samples
unfortunately I had no idea about the meeting at amnesia until otis told me about 4 hours prior while I was at work! If not for his message I wouldn't have shown (thanks to otis for the info)
I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay and had a safe trip home
It was fun smoking with you even though I dont indulge in tobacco I had to take a few for the team! nice cones BTW
maybe we will meet again
Nice report, weezil.

I will definitely be trying to get back to Utrecht in March,
been a couple of years since I've visited.

The zweef and super polm sound like two hashes I'd like to sample:)
hey viking ,
definitely worth a visit down here its a different vibe than the 'dam
I found a cool little spot to puff up in the city
It's a small room in a coffeeshop in the catacombs I like to call the "hash closet"
just a little room for maybe 4 people and a small , short table looks kinda morrocan to me ,I dunno...
kinda private though and in a real cool area of the city with the double layer canals
not too far from some nice restaurants and an outdoor market on the weekends
last i checked it was only 10.60e round trip from amsterdam by train ....unless you travel with Otis :)
Since there is a bunch of you there, take lots and lots of pictures of the weed and hash. Some pictures of some of the coffeeshops in Utrecht would be apprectiated by all. Also, I've heard the posters advertising the HIghlife Festival are wicked. A few shots of those posters would be great. We see a lot of pictures from Amsterdam, it will be appreciated if you could show us some good pictures of weed, hash, posters and coffeeshops.
My wife and I plan to hit Utrecht for a day trip on our March report. Otis said he may be able to meet up with us, and if you're available Weezil we'd be happy to make it a mini-meeting in Utrecht!!
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